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ALLIE LOUISE: A Voice That Shines Like the Colors of a RAINBOW


When my friend Cathy Zucker said, “I have a student who has made a CD and she is really good!” my first mental reaction was, “She must be good, because Cathy is a vocal teacher, soloist and a person of great integrity!” So, I said:  “I would love to hear her!”  What I was not prepared for was . . .  just how good!  However, when I popped the CD in my computer and heard Allie sang the first few bars of It’s Gettin’ Old, I said . . . “She’s good!”  My producer said. She’s good!”

This is often the kind of expression  that follows the fifteen-year-old around as she builds her career in music–country music! Her list of performances continues to grow, and her admirers excel or match it.  

Who is this young songstress destined to make her mark on the world?Allie has spent most of her life in Michigan, comes from a family of six children–has siblings with professional interests like dentistry, engineering and law, but Allie chose music–music that allows her to not only display her artistic skills, but emotions as well.  Her rendition of each song reveals polished, well-executed technique, but also, a command of the depth of emotion and feeling needed to reach into the hearts and souls of her listeners.  She says:

“My true passion is to bring music to life–whether using my voice as my instrument or playing my guitar, the piano or the drums!”

Allie’s new CD will debut in the spring of this year, and is self-titled Allie Louise, which is an appropriate title, for Allie wrote or co-wrote all 10 tracks of the album.  The lyrics express her energy, confidence, free-spirit and heart-felt views about life.   Allie’s single from the album is entitled It’s Gettin’ Old  and can be purchased  . . . right now!  So, run over to iTunes and get it . . . you will love it!  I promise.

You can hear Allie talk about her video, album and why she chose music as her life career, on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pmon Sunday, October 25, 2015.  Simply go online and let your fingers guide you to  Many listeners also get the station via TuneIn.

See you there!


News flash: “Man Attending Thanksgiving Dinner Shoots Relatives!”

How does one keep such things from occurring? Remove all negative mental baggage from consciousness, and replace it with thoughts of love, kindness and good will. Search for ways to express humor! Steer thinking away from memories that bring pain, anger and revenge.

I spoke with a family member during the Thanksgiving season. As the conversation progressed, I was careful not to enter into conversations that caused dissension, unpleasant memories or competition. If I felt thoughts or words were leading in that direction, I changed the subject, paid a compliment, or found something that we both agreed with. Too often, relatives use family gatherings to settle a score, or point out failures of others, which lead to unhappy endings.
Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude to God–a recounting of blessings through joy and appreciation. The participants recognize the divine favor that has been placed upon them, and give God the glory. Many use this day to focus on material accomplishments. While these are much appreciated, they pale in the face of spiritual growth and progression. Divine thoughts lead to perfect words and deeds. Without these thoughts, one never rises above human understanding and development.

Today, I also spoke with a friend about another person of whom I had had much admiration, respect and love. However, the relationship had soured, leaving me with a sense that during the relationship, most of the giving had been on my part. As I worked to overcome this sense of imbalance, I recognized that selfishness is expressed in many ways, and I too shared in the reasons for the discontinued relationship. Therefore, I made an effort to re-connect with the person, and was met with no reciprocal response. Talking with our mutual friend, I learned that the person is in good health, very active, and is doing wonderful things to help others. I can honestly say that I am happy to learn this, and feel a sense of peace about the entire experience. I am also grateful for the love that she expressed toward me, and recognize that it is eternal.

Each day is an opportunity to honor and glorify God. Let’s give thanks and be glad together!




The publisher is taking The Unfolding of a Rose to Germany on October 14-18th! It will enter the world’s largest book fair–the Frankfurt Book Fair! Over 7300 exhibitors, 100 countries, and 299,000 visitors will converge on Germany because at that moment, it will be the most important literary marketplace in the world.

Germany holds a special place in the heart of the author of The Unfolding of a Rose. She lived there for three years, met a wonderful family and her younger son was born in Stuttgart, Germany. Germany is also showcased in The Unfolding of a Rose.

China is the 2009 Guest of Honor, and will present its culture and literature to the German people and international community. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have The Unfolding of a Rose picked up by publishers and vendors fr

Through the Trials . . . Just BELIEVE!


Image result for pictures of Nitza Hollinger

There are words that describe the Hollinger family:

Strength!   Courage!  Determination!  Perseverance! 

Reading  the book Through the Trials Just Believe, revealed the strength and power of the human spirit when it is sprinkled with the living waters of truth and love.

Mike and Nitza loved God and trusted his healing power!  As the treacherous waters of life kept lifting their deep currents and waves up and up . . .  until they reached the chin, Nitza fought back with Bible verses, faith, hope and a strong desire to grow spiritually.  Did she win?  Read this inspiring book and find the answer for yourself!

You will find it on amazon, so rush over there and get your copy . . . be ready to hear this heart-warming story as will be told by husband Mike on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pm on Sunday, November 22, 2015 @ eamtradio.

Many people are gaining encouragement from this book and see it as one of life’s greatest examples of hope and faith.  RPM cherishes Nitza own words:

“In life there are those things that are urgent – that want your immediate attention. Then, there are those things that are important. Never lose sight of what is important. People are important. Relationships are important. Never trade the important for the urgent.”  RPM Last Frontier

Another reader says:

“I am dealing with radiation treatments from cancer and this prepared me for what to expect and encouraged me in my faith in God to get me through. Very beneficial!”  Mikal J. Shedd 

Join the chorus of voices by discovering the divine intelligence that guided Nitza and Mike through the “valleys of death” into the morning light of peace and joy.  Hear this remarkable story!

Image result for pictures of Nitza Hollinger


Seventeen authors were interviewed during “Books and Authors” @ Leon & Lulu and you’ve got to hear their stories.  Some will make you laugh and some may cause you to shed a tear, but you will welcome… USA, LLC

Seventeen authors were interviewed during “Books and Authors” @ Leon & Lulu and you’ve got to hear their stories.  Some will make you laugh and some may cause you to shed a tear, but you will welcome both!

EAMT RADIO set-up shop at Leon and Lulu on October 25, 2015, enjoyed the milling around of shoppers and reached out to over 20 authors.  Now . . . you get to hear their messages.

Don’t miss tuning in to on Sunday, November 8, 2015 @ 5pm. 
Macys Australia

Books Suggest Knowledge



Insurance companies are deciding when homeowners should get their gutters cleaned, paint their homes, jump through more hoops!  What will they do next?  Tell us when to go to bed at night?

That is not out of the question because now, they direct our health decisions, engineer the type of car we drive, select the medicines we consume and decide if surgery is necessary.

Now . . . they want to tell me when to paint my house!  Enough is enough!  When are we going to stop allowing insurance companies to dominate our lives.  They need us as much as they think we need them!   Let’s realize one thing . . . a person or company has only the power we give them.  Insurance companies are few . . . we are many.


I received a notice from #Auto-Owners handing out such a message and . . . without notice . . . simply cancelled me out.  Do you know these guys? Here’s the website:   Don’t let the beautiful messages on the home page fool you.  What you see is not always what you get.

This is another stab at “poor people.”  Once again, a company is imposing rules on people who are just trying to survive and pay the bills.  Now, companies like Auto-Owners is saying, “It doesn’t matter whether you can afford to re-paint your house, I say do it and . . . you’d better do it or I am canceling you out!”

When will businesses and governments stop taking advantage of the segment of society who has the least resources to fight back?  Do we have another Flint Michigan?

Poor people matter . . . too.


Send this to a friend . . . place it on your social media sites and scream it to any insurance company that seeks to run your life!  Send out the hash tag #InsuringMeDoesNotMeanControllingMe.


Taymark, Inc.

“The Duane Parham Show” @

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The Duane Parham Show

Unfamiliar with Duane Parham?

Take a “listen” to some of his smooth jazz!

META: Her Spirit Lives On!



(Her energy and spirit lives on)

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Out of the mist, the frozen abyss came a soul,

From the mind of God thrust forth a living soul
Clamping on to humanity, this God spirit became a living soul,
Entering beautifully, she, like a rosebud showed us a spirited soul.

Mind, body and spirit coalesced as she grew,
Mind, body and spirit expressed as she became aware.
Mind, body and spirit influenced her society as part of the crew,
Mind, body and spirit shaped itself as she prepared to share.

A beautiful essence, a soulful delight,
Escalating spiritual connection, a connection to the Light,
Comprehending the scope of the spectrum, she transcended expectations,
Infusing her love, her caring, her sharing,
With compassionate passion she eclipsed revelation.

Creation knew, that those she touched needed a message,
A lovely soul came and showed forth, and delivered the message
The energy and spirit of the soul we loved and cherished,
Has now transitioned to a new dimension.

The energy and spirit of the message
Meta superimposed on our soul is implanted eternally,
The energy and spirit of our Meta
Dwells in our mind, body and soul continually
Imparting compassionate, passionate love,
The energy and spirit of the message
Is why we constantly communicate our soul to soul.

Written by Reginald Hamilton

Macys Australia





Hot!          Sizzling!         Panting!        Out of Breath!  What’s Going On?

It’s this book I’m reading!  Wow!  Get a copy and see the effect it is having on me.

What’s the title of the book?          

“Crazy Hot! And Living on the Edge!!”

It’s a book that will increase your understanding of how to take care of your body, gain a sense of harmony and . . . stay cool.


Author Shirley Slaughter speaks from many years of suffering, leaning on doctors, research and finally gaining the knowledge to keep herself healthy.
Listen as she shares many years of suffering, leaning on doctors, researching and finally gaining the knowledge that has allowed her to keep herself healthy.  Hear her on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on at 5pm on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

You can also get a copy on and be a step ahead of everybody else!


What Does Life Look Like After You Pass Away?


What Does Life Look Like After You Pass Away?

salvationHave you ever pondered such a question as the one above?  Do you believe there is life after death, or are you one of those people who runs away from such questions and answers, and labels people a bit “nuts’ who raise such issues?

I am one of those people who say, “There is a trial period each one of us will go through after the human body passes away.”  Two key words make me say this: faith and understanding.  From early childhood, I have believed in a power greater that man–a power I call God.  As I grew in faith and battled with the darts and bolts of life, I sought understanding–spiritual understanding and was not denied.

Such understanding has made me redefine who I am–a child of God–a child made not of flesh and bones, but of divine consciousness.  Each of us has within consciousness goodness, mercy, joy, peace, good will, harmony and an infinite number of qualities that come from God.  The man God created is a body of divine thoughts, not a human body as many believe.  To cling to such a belief separates us from gaining an understanding of who we really are.  Years of searching have made me know who I really am!  

The greatest example of a “trial period after death,” was the re-appearance of Jesus to his disciples and many others after his crucifixion.  His human body showed the marks of death, but his spiritual mind revealed dominion over death.  He did this to prove to all of us that death really is an illusion, based on the belief that man lives in flesh instead of Spirit.

You say, “Hm-m-m-m. . . now I know she has lost it.”  I haven’t lost anything, I have simply gained spiritual understanding.  These words stem from over 40 years of divine demonstrations of Life, Truth and Love.  What does that mean?  It means I have healed diseases the same way Jesus did, silenced hate, forgiven the seemingly unforgivable and today, see life only as the divine activity of thought.


Life means using wisdom and understanding to gain dominion over sin, disease and death.  Death occurs only if you believe life is in the body.  I believe in the premise that man lives only in divine consciousness, not in matter.  If God, whom I believe to be Life, created all existence, death has no basis for occurrence.  It does not exist!  That is what is meant by “receiving the Holy Ghost.”  One reaches a state of thought where human existence is viewed as a myth, not as the creation of the One God.

How do we achieve this while here on earth?  Jesus paved the way.  He taught that the Christ was and is not a physical being, but a divine message from God that speaks to the human consciousness and takes away the sins of mankind.  That same Christ dwells among us . . . we have only to become spiritually aware of its presence.

Jesus had a dual personality–one of Spirit and of flesh.  Uninspired thought only saw the fleshly Jesus, but inspired thought knew the spiritual one.  Which one are you clinging to?  To walk in the flesh but become one with the Spirit, means the human eyes see mortal man, but mentally embrace the spiritual man.  As we grow in grace, every mortal thought will be destroyed by truth and you will gain eternal life.

What does life after death look like?  You will awake with a consciousness, not a physical body, because you have left that body here on earth–in a grave or ashes in an urn.  That consciousness you awake with, will basically be in the same place it was before you passed way.  What do I mean by that?  It will hold the same concepts, ideas and beliefs that controlled your life while on earth.  If those thoughts and ideas are materialistic, your battle to obtain eternal life will continue.  You will suffer from lack of spiritual understanding and may even die again and again until you reach the understanding needed to alter your journey.

Those who have embraced Christ and strove to demonstrate it while living on earth before death, will awake to a greater understanding of man and his relationship to God. Your wisdom will be heightened, growth steady and demonstrations sound.  This will continue until the “last trump sounds”– the last erroneous thought in consciousness melts into truth and love, and you attain a mind that never separates itself from God.

What road will you choose today?  What pathway will you walk in?  Will it be one of truth or error, joy or sorrow, love or hate, peace or war?   The choice is yours!