ALLIE LOUISE: A Voice That Shines Like the Colors of a RAINBOW


When my friend Cathy Zucker said, “I have a student who has made a CD and she is really good!” my first mental reaction was, “She must be good, because Cathy is a vocal teacher, soloist and a person of great integrity!” So, I said:  “I would love to hear her!”  What I was not prepared for was . . .  just how good!  However, when I popped the CD in my computer and heard Allie sang the first few bars of It’s Gettin’ Old, I said . . . “She’s good!”  My producer said. She’s good!”

This is often the kind of expression  that follows the fifteen-year-old around as she builds her career in music–country music! Her list of performances continues to grow, and her admirers excel or match it.  

Who is this young songstress destined to make her mark on the world?Allie has spent most of her life in Michigan, comes from a family of six children–has siblings with professional interests like dentistry, engineering and law, but Allie chose music–music that allows her to not only display her artistic skills, but emotions as well.  Her rendition of each song reveals polished, well-executed technique, but also, a command of the depth of emotion and feeling needed to reach into the hearts and souls of her listeners.  She says:

“My true passion is to bring music to life–whether using my voice as my instrument or playing my guitar, the piano or the drums!”

Allie’s new CD will debut in the spring of this year, and is self-titled Allie Louise, which is an appropriate title, for Allie wrote or co-wrote all 10 tracks of the album.  The lyrics express her energy, confidence, free-spirit and heart-felt views about life.   Allie’s single from the album is entitled It’s Gettin’ Old  and can be purchased  . . . right now!  So, run over to iTunes and get it . . . you will love it!  I promise.

You can hear Allie talk about her video, album and why she chose music as her life career, on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pmon Sunday, October 25, 2015.  Simply go online and let your fingers guide you to  Many listeners also get the station via TuneIn.

See you there!

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