News flash: “Man Attending Thanksgiving Dinner Shoots Relatives!”

How does one keep such things from occurring? Remove all negative mental baggage from consciousness, and replace it with thoughts of love, kindness and good will. Search for ways to express humor! Steer thinking away from memories that bring pain, anger and revenge.

I spoke with a family member during the Thanksgiving season. As the conversation progressed, I was careful not to enter into conversations that caused dissension, unpleasant memories or competition. If I felt thoughts or words were leading in that direction, I changed the subject, paid a compliment, or found something that we both agreed with. Too often, relatives use family gatherings to settle a score, or point out failures of others, which lead to unhappy endings.
Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude to God–a recounting of blessings through joy and appreciation. The participants recognize the divine favor that has been placed upon them, and give God the glory. Many use this day to focus on material accomplishments. While these are much appreciated, they pale in the face of spiritual growth and progression. Divine thoughts lead to perfect words and deeds. Without these thoughts, one never rises above human understanding and development.

Today, I also spoke with a friend about another person of whom I had had much admiration, respect and love. However, the relationship had soured, leaving me with a sense that during the relationship, most of the giving had been on my part. As I worked to overcome this sense of imbalance, I recognized that selfishness is expressed in many ways, and I too shared in the reasons for the discontinued relationship. Therefore, I made an effort to re-connect with the person, and was met with no reciprocal response. Talking with our mutual friend, I learned that the person is in good health, very active, and is doing wonderful things to help others. I can honestly say that I am happy to learn this, and feel a sense of peace about the entire experience. I am also grateful for the love that she expressed toward me, and recognize that it is eternal.

Each day is an opportunity to honor and glorify God. Let’s give thanks and be glad together!

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