Through the Trials . . . Just BELIEVE!


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There are words that describe the Hollinger family:

Strength!   Courage!  Determination!  Perseverance! 

Reading  the book Through the Trials Just Believe, revealed the strength and power of the human spirit when it is sprinkled with the living waters of truth and love.

Mike and Nitza loved God and trusted his healing power!  As the treacherous waters of life kept lifting their deep currents and waves up and up . . .  until they reached the chin, Nitza fought back with Bible verses, faith, hope and a strong desire to grow spiritually.  Did she win?  Read this inspiring book and find the answer for yourself!

You will find it on amazon, so rush over there and get your copy . . . be ready to hear this heart-warming story as will be told by husband Mike on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pm on Sunday, November 22, 2015 @ eamtradio.

Many people are gaining encouragement from this book and see it as one of life’s greatest examples of hope and faith.  RPM cherishes Nitza own words:

“In life there are those things that are urgent – that want your immediate attention. Then, there are those things that are important. Never lose sight of what is important. People are important. Relationships are important. Never trade the important for the urgent.”  RPM Last Frontier

Another reader says:

“I am dealing with radiation treatments from cancer and this prepared me for what to expect and encouraged me in my faith in God to get me through. Very beneficial!”  Mikal J. Shedd 

Join the chorus of voices by discovering the divine intelligence that guided Nitza and Mike through the “valleys of death” into the morning light of peace and joy.  Hear this remarkable story!

Image result for pictures of Nitza Hollinger

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