Let Us Remember!


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Let Us Remember!
atonementIt was only a few months ago when the world’s financial systems were on the brink of collapse, corruption and greed unfolded daily on Wall Street, and our name was “mud” throughout the world. The deficit was 1.2 trillion dollars and most of the country wanted “change.” Well guys, we are getting change, and that change is a great sacrifice for all of us. Nothing good comes easy. It sometimes requires one to cut off his arm (not really) and pull himself up by his bootstraps. Where is our strength, patience and courage? The “green pastures” and “still waters” come from FIGHTING the wolf and the bear, so that the sheep are protected. Have we learned NOTHING from the 23rd Psalms?

It took years to get us in the mess that we were in and surprisingly, we are moving out of it faster that many believed. It has taken all of us working together to achieve the distance that we have come, and it will take all of us working together to continue. I grew up in a family of 16, two parents and 14 children–I know what it means to “wait thou upon the Lord.” It is sad to see that many Americans do not. Rome was not torn down in a day, and it will not be re-built in a day. Destructive criticism and finger-pointing achieve nothing! Use those creative juices to be constructive, and the world wins!

Remember, “we can!”

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