The Five-Letter Word Called “Anger!” Always Free Federal

Anger is being held up as a force that is driving change–a force that moves one to positive results. That is far from the truth! Positive action yields positive results. Anger is a strong emotion that breeds displeasure and resentment.
It clouds one’s thinking–preventing sound, logical judgment. Daily people are commenting on networks with profanity, screaming in town-hall meetings with denigration and lies, and maligning individuals without a cause. Anger leads to hate, and hate breeds insanity. What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”

Progress is born of experience, but that progress has to be based on solid principles and ideas. Ideas that are diverse, reflective and impartial. Such thinking is ripe for growth, advancement and success. Thinking generated by anger and hate, only hurts the person promoting it and carrying it inside. When will human beings learn this? Anger and hate cause stress, and stress is the breeding ground for numerous diseases: cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and so on. In addition, they do no one any good. I am learning that the person whom I am angry with does not really care that I am angry, and is unaffected by it, but I AM!

The world is in a state of change–hopefully for the better. It takes all of us using our best efforts to bring about a positive change. To grow, we must give up old ways of doing things that serve only a small group of people, and develop strategies that help more. Ranting and raving, innuendos, and false representation benefit no one.

All Americans, under the Constitution, enjoy the same opportunity and freedom. One of those opportunities is freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is a right as well as a privilege, but with that privilege comes responsibility. Let us use it “for the people, and by the people,” under God’s government.

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