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Bringing Tithes into the Storehouse: What Does It Mean? Always Free Federal

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it (Malachi 3: 10).

What is a tithe? Webster defines “tithe” as “a tenth part.” Mary Baker Eddy defines “tithe” as a tenth part, but also gives a more spiritual definition: “gratitude.” I would like to look at tithing from a spiritual perspective since God is Spirit. In order to do so, it is necessary to place Malachi in a historical time frame. Many historians believe he lived around the era of Ezra or Nehemiah instead of Zechariah (535 b.c). If this is true, one can safely say he was greatly influenced by the doctrine of The Old Testament. This caused him to be disturbed by the people’s abandonment of the foundational mandates taught by the Isralites: worship, marriage and labor. They were no longer reconstructing the temple using physical labor, no longer marrying within the tribal family, but into paganism, and worshiping material things instead of God. The teachings of the priests were heavily skewed by greed, corruption and sin, causing them to inflict social injustices on the downtrodden. Malachi, which means “angel,” sought to restore moral integrity and justice into personal affairs, but never reached the practice of spirituality over materiality. Conversely, the teachings of Jesus elevated the thinking of mankind to a more spiritual level. He explained and built on the laws of Moses, reached a level of understanding far removed from sensualism, and practiced what He espoused. He talked about God, whom no one could see with the eyes, as being His Father, healed the multitudes through spirituality, never administering drugs, pills or surgery, and forgave the heartless. This is His legacy! We have it to build on it, not retrogress to lowers levels of thinking expressed in The Old Testament.

God’s gifts to man, His “image and likeness,” has nothing to do with matter or materiality. . All that God gives is spiritual. Why would God give that which He neither made nor contains. Mankind’s consciousness must be elevated!

Malachi tells the people to “bring the tithes into the storehouse.” He’s admonishing them to bring a tenth of the gifts of God (love, respect, reverence, faith, spirituality) into their thoughts so that their actions would be divine. Divine consciousness will generate the “meat” which is harmony, compassion and unity. This divine consciousness enables them to connect with God, Spirit, and move beyond a material sense of meat. The ability to connect with God yields infinite blessings–blessings that never cease. These blessings are not defined by money, prestige and human power, but by divine power. Gratitude is the key to receiving the gifts of God. Gratitude to whom? God! It may go something like this:” I am grateful that I express the love of God. I am grateful that God loves me. I am grateful that I can forgive unconditionally. I am grateful that I express all that God is.” When mankind starts his day in such a manner, this gratitude reaches out to all whom he meets. He does not have to brow-beat people into doing things that THEY should do, his efforts are spent doing the things that God made HIM to do, and leave the rest to God. We are only blessed by what we feel from God, not from man.

I heard a person say, “I’m going to give God His 10% of my money so that I can receive my blessings. God does not need money! God is Spirit! He DOES need us to express Him–His spirituality, because He made us in His image. I give to maintain my church’s needs–keeping the electricity on, the building repaired, etc. Going beyond the basics is a man-made goal! A storehouse is not a building, it is a consciousness, and a tithe is not money, it is gratitude! So come on mankind, let’s bring those tithes into the storehouse!

The Five-Letter Word Called “Anger!” Always Free Federal

Anger is being held up as a force that is driving change–a force that moves one to positive results. That is far from the truth! Positive action yields positive results. Anger is a strong emotion that breeds displeasure and resentment.
It clouds one’s thinking–preventing sound, logical judgment. Daily people are commenting on networks with profanity, screaming in town-hall meetings with denigration and lies, and maligning individuals without a cause. Anger leads to hate, and hate breeds insanity. What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”

Progress is born of experience, but that progress has to be based on solid principles and ideas. Ideas that are diverse, reflective and impartial. Such thinking is ripe for growth, advancement and success. Thinking generated by anger and hate, only hurts the person promoting it and carrying it inside. When will human beings learn this? Anger and hate cause stress, and stress is the breeding ground for numerous diseases: cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and so on. In addition, they do no one any good. I am learning that the person whom I am angry with does not really care that I am angry, and is unaffected by it, but I AM!

The world is in a state of change–hopefully for the better. It takes all of us using our best efforts to bring about a positive change. To grow, we must give up old ways of doing things that serve only a small group of people, and develop strategies that help more. Ranting and raving, innuendos, and false representation benefit no one.

All Americans, under the Constitution, enjoy the same opportunity and freedom. One of those opportunities is freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is a right as well as a privilege, but with that privilege comes responsibility. Let us use it “for the people, and by the people,” under God’s government.

How Important is RACE in Decision-Making? Always Free Federal

It took a few minutes to formulate this question because I am looking to generate responses that address “is,” not “should be.” Most of us with some semblance of moral values recognize that no one should be judged by race, color, ethnicity or creed, but whether we practice it in day-to-day relationships, is the question. As an African American who has lived in a world marked with racism, even I find myself making decisions based on race. I say “even I” because I understand feelings of inferiority expressed toward one based squarely on skin color. “Well,” You say, “Everybody has been discriminated against at sometime in their lives.” I emphatically agree! Therefore, abrupt changes were made in many of those instances to adapt to the status quo. It’s a bit difficult to change one’s skin color from black to white, isn’t it? Well . . . let’s get back to the question!

There are many levels of racial discrimination, ranging from subtle to overt. I think the most disastrous level occurs in thoughts where the person has convinced himself that he would NEVER discriminate against another person based on skin color. It winds its way into one’s thoughts in many disguises. Typical ones are’ “That’s just the way we’ve always done things” or “We just want everybody to fit in!”



From the African American viewpoint, one hears, “I know why THEY chose her/him instead of me” or “I’m the only black person in the group!” What are the hidden agendas behind these exclamations? In the first example, the Caucasian is saying, “Let’s exclude him because he is black, but make the world think it is something else.” There are two modes of thought operating in the African American comments. One is saying, “White people take every opportunity to discriminate against me! I can do that job just as well as that white guy, and they know it! They didn’t give it to me because I am black” In the second example the person feels “special” because the white man chose HIM. “They must see ME as one of THEM!” All of these stem from decades of deeply embedded racism. How does one change it? First, at the human level, recognize that there is only one race–the human race, and secondly, at the divine level, gain a better understanding of the man created by God.

There are basic commonalities that all human beings share irregardless of religion, race, color, creed or ethnicity. We are all flesh and blood–bleed the same way and mend the same way. All of us share physical, mental and emotional suffering. Harsh words, unkind treatment and physical abuse cut the white man just as deeply as it does the red or black man. No man is more intelligent than the next; some merely have better educational opportunities and financial connections than others. Racial prejudices usually originate from economical desires and greed; and through decades of use, mature into ethnic, racial and religious discriminatory practices. The love of money is truly the “root of all evil.”



Spiritually, God created man in His image and likeness. That likeness is not material but spiritual. What makes a man spiritual? Two key elements are: having no other gods before the one God, and loving his neighbor as himself. Man is made up of ideas. He is a compound idea of God. What does that mean? It means that he expresses all that God is–His love, kindness, patience, strength, intelligence, abundance, activity, faith, hope, courage, equality, impartiality and perfection.



We are governed by divine Law, not man’s law. The attributes of this Law have no race, color or creed. They are neither black or white, Christian or Muslin, Jew or Gentile. We are all children of God. This level of thought is what makes us treat each other as we wish to be treated, dissolve the hatred, and conquer the anger. Each day, one should learn to listen to the “still voice of truth,” before embarking on generally accepted practices. On numerous occasions, I have listened and corrected my thinking, which invariably led to non-judgmental decisions and practices.



Discrimination is not one-sided. It stems from many sides, from many sources. No one group is more discriminatory than the next. We are all victims of past prejudices. The dominant group may have the upper hand in practicing discrimination, but God searches the soul, not behavior. If a man thinks evil, he may as well practice it because he feels it in his heart. The effects may be better, but the reality is the same.



Why did I choose this subject? This is my way of saying to the world, “Let us stop hiding behind what is”politically correct” and genuinely seek to uncover and destroy the prejudices within ourselves. Let each day find us practicing the Golden Rule–“do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Remember, no one enters into the “kingdom of heaven” by skin color!

Literacy in the Home, Church and Community/The Unfolding of a Rose


Zoobook Special Banner 120 x 90

Literacy in the Home, Church and Community



My name is Mamie Smith, and I am a teacher, business woman, author, and inspirational speaker/writer, but most of all, I am delighted to be here.  Before I talk about how we can improve literacy in our homes, churches and communities, I would like to tell you a true story.




There was a young man who had worked very hard, and had earned quite a bit of money.  So, he decided to treat himself by going to a very special restaurant.  He felt very good about himself, as the head waiter led him to his seat, handed him the menu, and told him, that he would give him a few minutes to look it over. Beaming, the young man took the menu, looked at it and  .  .  .  his heart sank.   Frantically, he thought, “Where are the pictures?”  You see, this young man couldn’t read, and worst of all, he did not want anyone to know it.  It had been easy to skate by in restaurants with menus with pictures, because all he had to do was point to the picture and tell the waiter what he wanted, but this one had none.  What was he going to do?  He was so overwhelmed with guilt and shame ,that it never occurred to him to say to the waiter, “What is your favorite thing on the menu” or tell me what you think would be good to me.”  This way, he would have at least known what was offered, and he could have made a choice, just as he had done by pointing to the pictures.  What did he do?  He made up some ridiculous story about having forgotten that he was suppose to be somewhere else, and left the restaurant, completely devastated.   There are many men and women walking the streets with the same story.   What are we going to do about it?


That’s what this meeting is about.



Let’s define what we mean, when we use the word, “literacy?”  Simply put, it means ‘knowing how to read and write.”   The first place it begins, is in our homes.  If Mom and Dad can’t read and write, how are they going to teach Mary and Johnny?  The answer is, they can’t.  So, we have three choices, Teach Mom, Dad, Johnny and Mary to read and write, teach Mary and Johnny and let them teach Mom and Dad, or nobody learns to read and write.  So, they wander through the pathways of life, using pictures and memory to get along.  Friends, we can do better!




Studies reveal that children who have participated in Head Start Programs, have greater school success and avoid crime.  Why?  Because they feel included in the process of learning, and they feel included, because they are able to make their own contribution, which in turn, gives the self-motivation, and self-esteem.



The Head Start Curriculum varies at centers, but most seek to do three things:

  • Promote teacher-child interaction through reading and singing.
  • Provide materials that hold the attention of all age levels.
  • Teach children the alphabet.
  • Create a play-based and supportive environment, that focuses on nutrition and health.


The most important elements that parents need in learning to read and write, are courage, confidence, persistence, and the ability to overcome the fear of “not being able to do it,” because they have done it in the past.  You can!  If you have the courage, you have the ability.


What is the role of the church?  The mere fact that you have this meeting tonight, shows that you arealready reaching into the homes.  Where I grew up in the heartland of the deep south, the church was the central force of our community—the nucleus from which everything evolved.   It was the force that guided my life since the age of 12, and still does.  It gathered the people together, set the tone, and gave us the moral fiber to what we needed to do.  It seems that my church and your church are on the same page.



Now, the church and the family, walking together, can reach out into the community.  What can we expect to receive by involving the community?  Volunteers that read stories to children, assist with indoor and outdoor activities, file paperwork, stuff envelopes, gather and donate items to send home with children that continue their literary skills in the home, and teach adult classes to aid Mom and Dad.  And of course, you can always donate money.



Forming a partnership with family, church and community involvement, make us all winners, because when we win, the world wins.



I leave you with the vision of all Head Start Programs:  And they are:

  • All children should reach their full potential.
  • Every child can succeed.
  • Working together, we can impact the success of “at risk” children, and
  • Quality education fundamentally transforms children and families.


LaShell Renee Griffin – Winner of Oprah Pop Star Challenge

Vocalist!    Actress!    Mother!   

LaShell Renee Griffin, a local singer content with being a mother and her Detroit musical notoriety, was pushed into international acclaim when she won the Oprah Pop Challenge in 2004. Since that time, she has sung the National Anthem forPresident Barack Obama, becomethe Detroit Pistons’ vocalist to open at hometown games for four years and recorded songs that made their way up the charts in four genres.

Renee traveled the world, discovered other cultures and still uses her talents to perform in many musical venues, ventures into the movie theater world and contributes to gospel music at her church in Detroit.

Hear Ms. Griffin talk about her successes, challenges and the one constant in her life . . . God, on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 5pm on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on

Don’t miss it!  

Thanksgiving: A Moment of Reflection


Gratitude.jpg Gratitude image by PrimroseSue

“Now thank we all our God

With hearts and hands and voices,

Who wondrous things have done,

In Whom the world rejoices.”

This excerpt from the hymn written by Martin Rinkart in the 17th century, is just as appropriate in the 21st century. Its message expresses the depth of gratitude for the goodness of God–a God whose power is unmatched and whose love is unlimited. I bow my head and lift my voice to the greatness of His glory.

I thought long and hard about writing an article on Thanksgiving because I believe each day is one of faith, hope and gratitude. Nevertheless, it became clear that my words must be added to the voices of mankind at this special time of the year. What do I say? What should I say? What can I say that will aid mankind on this special day?

Gratitude is “an acknowledgment of a benefit received or will receive”(Wikipedia). It is a “thankfulness.” Whom do we acknowledge or thank? The foundation of all good has its source in God, therefore, that goodness is not measured by money, prestige, or material things, but spiritual growth, inspiration and revelation. Material wealth and power have no lasting value. We have only to think about the number of people who seem to have everything material, yet, take their lives. There was something missing: pain they could not soothe, fear they could not overcome, or loneliness they could not erase. True joy comes when truth dawns on thought.

What am I thankful for? I stand in awe of the wholeness of God–the outpouring of His love to His creation. You and I are part of that creation! His love is unconditional, unlimited and unrelenting! How do I know this? I prove it every day of my life. I walk through the trials of a shattered heart; the uncertainty of a severely challenged faith, and the disappointment of unaccomplished efforts, but with each step of surrender, I learn the lessons of human sacrifice yielding to the divine, thereby, establishing a life rebuilt, renewed and re-energized.

The God we call “Our Father,” is not one we can touch with our hands, hear with our ears, or see with our eyes, but His presence is unshakable and undeniable. His voice reaches us over the thunder of financial disasters; His hand lifts us out of the depths of depression, and we see Him through the tears of grief and sorrow. He is always there! “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me”(Isaiah 61:1). He is upon you!

Today, I express gratitude for the close relationship God has allowed me to form with Him. This “Fatherly/Motherly” relationship lets me go to Him/Her as a child knowing that I will receive the best advice that can be given, wealth that cannot be measured, and love that meets every need . . . and the great thing about this relationship is, that it will only get better. Developing a personal relationship with God is the only way to develop a relationship with family, friends and country. Everything flows from a “knowledge of God.”

I open my heart to you. I reach out my hand to you. Let your ears hear my voice.

Together, let us “thank we all our God.”

Walmart? Nah-ah-ah . . . Not for Me, but Then . . . Something Happened . . . . USA, LLC

Walmart?  Nah-ah-ah . . . Not My Store 

It sounds crazy to start an article with the above title, but crazy or not . . . here goes.  

I had seen Walmart stores in and around Michigan, but I never visited them.  They were not my kind of a store . . . me . . . a boutique shopper that loved unique everything, and Walmart … wasn’t it!   A few years later, my husband and I bought a townhouse in a small town in Alabama, and on the day of closing, we needed the bare essentials: food, bedding, bath accessories and several other products.  As we were contemplating where to go, (the choices were few) a sister who lived in a town nearby said, “Try Walmart.”   I was like “What?”  

“They have some really nice things.” 

“Yea, sure.”  However, time constraints and not many choices forced me to go there.  I was surprised at the lovely thing I walked away with, and the quality was good . . . not the cheap looking stuff I had imagined.  My cart was loaded with many wonderful products!   So, when we were in Alabama, Walmartbecame one of the places we shopped.  That did not, however, translate into shopping at Walmart in Michigan where we lived most of the time.  

It took several years later before that would occur.  One day, my toaster decided it had “had it,” and I needed to shop for a new one.  After going to a couple of familiar stores and not finding what I was looking for, a soft, mental voice said, “Walmart . . . go there.”  

“I don’t think so, they won’t have anything.”

“Walmart . . . go there.”                                               

“Well, okay, I’ll go there.”   There is a super Walmart in a town near my home in Troy, Michigan, so I went there.  Guess what?  I found the perfect toaster and nine years later it still works beautifully.  Today, Walmart is one of the first stores I think about when looking for movies, bedding and and electronics.  A few months ago, I replaced all of my AT&T phones with phones from Walmart

Another thing that had made Walmart a store I did not enjoy doing business with, was low wages paid to its workers.  I am a school teacher who spent most of my life earning the highest degree our nation offers, but still earned mediocre salary compared to other professions, so that was still a “thorn in my side” when shopping there.  I was gratified to learn that wages have been raised on 100,000 of it workers and the minimum wage will be raised to $10 an hour.  

One likes to feel that the stores he patronizes live by an underlying principle of “man’s humanity to man.”  It’s one thing to be a big fish in a big ocean that gobbles up everything in sight without regard for smaller fish, but another to be a big fish with a heart that generates respect, compassion and appreciation for all of the little fish that helped make him big.  “Ah-ah-ah-ah . . . that’s Walmart!” USA, LLC

“Epiphanies Whilst Out of One’s Mind” by Hayoung Terra Yim – The Marijuana Debate



Humorous!       Informative!       Debatable!          Engaging!

“All of the above” describes the book
 Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s Mind by Hayoung Terra Yim–a book that strikes at the heart of the controversy many people are wrestling with socially, morally and legally, and that controversy is whether marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. 


This book seeks to “to entertain and educate in a time of marijuana law reform.”  It has been described as a “unique and  . . . humorous narrative of a recreational user as well as the perspective and enhanced creativity the substance can bestow.”  

Join Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” @ 5pm (est) on September 27th, 2015 @ and hear Ms. Yim talk about why marijuana should or should not be legalized for medicinal purposes.  

Hayoung Yim is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Political Science and English.  She is also a Third Wave feminist and an advocate for drug policy reform.  If you don’t already know what a Third Wave feminist is . . . you will after this interview. 

Ms. Yim will also discuss her understanding of marijuana law reform, changes in consumption behavior, her beliefs that cannabis use yields creative expression, “aha moments” and how to avoid “greening out.”

One reader says of Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s


“This was an interesting read. It is part memoir and part educational. It’s blended very well though and never feels choppy while reading. We meet the author during a time where she is experimenting with marijuana. Readers follow along as she “greens out” and receives many epiphanies while high.”  Sage Adderley 


Whether you are for or against the legalization of marijuana, this interview will be informational, enlightening and engaging!  Come along and . . . “take the ride?”



I Lost a Child . . . I Know How You Feel . . . .

I Lost My Child . . . Too . . . I Know How You Feel



I lost this child  . . .  tell us about the one you lost . . . . 

This page is dedicated to all parents who have lost a child.  It does not matter how . . . let us know your child’s name, who he/she was, what happened to him/her, how you felt when the death occurred, and how you feel now.  Share whatever you wish to share.