Music Notes

Music Lessons in the Studio of Dr. Smith


Have you ever wondered what the names of musical symbols are called?  Well, this is your day . . . .  Let’s begin!

    whole note, semibreve                                half note, minim                                  quarter note, crotchet

This is a whole note.             This is a half note.         Quarter note.

eighth note, quaver    Eighth Notes                           

 Sixteenth Note                      four sixteenth notes, semiquavers

thirty second note, demisemiquaver Thirty-Second Note           Sixty Fourth Note, hemidemisemi quaver  Sixty-Fourth Note

This is a musical staff.  It has 5 lines and 4 space in between.


This is a treble clef, it sits on the staff:


This a bass clef, it also sits on the staff:


Music-dotnote.svg  This is a dotted quarter note.  When a dot is placed to the right of a note it increases the value of the note by one-half.  For example, if the note gets one beat (count) it increases to a beat and a half with the dot beside it.

Don’t worry, we will get into beats later.

Music-measurerest.svg  This symbol indicates the number of measures no music is played . . . the person “rests.”  The 10 indicates he rests for 10 measures.

Music-breath.svg    This is a breath mark.  It is exactly what it says, “take a breath” when you see it!

Music-flat.svg  The symbol that looks like a “b” is called a flat.  It lowers the pitch of a note by a half of a step.

Music-sharp.svg This “tic-tac-toe” looking symbol is called a sharp.  It raises the note by a half of a step.

Music-natural.svg A natural sitting beside a note cancels a sharp or flat previously listed.

Music-timesig.png These numbers are called a time or meter signature.  The bottom number represents the value of a basic beat.  In this case, the 4 represents a quarter note have one beat.  The top number tells how many beats are in each measure.

Measures are sections of a staff separated by bar lines:  In the example below, there are 2 measures and 3 bar lines.

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