New and Old Instruments

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Music Lessons in the Studio of Dr. Mamie Smith


Scroll down and see very unusual and unique instruments.



My favorite instrument is the human voice:

See how great I am!  I like the human voice because you don’t have to buy it in the store.


My second favorite is the piano.

These instrument pins are my favorite because you wear them and not play them.


The Mandolin

The Autoharp






                                                          Indian Tumbi


18th Century Harp

He’s Playing an 18th Century Serpent

World Famous Guitars

14th Century Tower Carillon 

Vielle Gittern

14th Century Citole – Located in British Museum 

12th Century Psaltery 

Sandalwood lute

8th Century Sandalwood Lute

19th Century Suona 

#rd Century Bell-Shaped Pendant

ANAS National Museum of the History of  Azerbaijan

1st – 3rd Century Sistrum (rattle)

21st Century Vivo (violin)

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