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The EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETY sponsors “Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith”, a radio show dedicated to authors who have GREAT stories to tell, but no platform to tell them.  Because you are not a celebrity, you are not asked to enter the world stage like Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama Like Dr. Smith, you are just a “regular person” with a story to tell–a story that will benefit all mankind.


NOW there is a world platform for you.  You will appear on Eamtradio and have your story heard around the world.




Educational Arts Society is a 501 c (3), tax-exempt, non-profit corporation.  Check them out @   

Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith is sponsored by Educational Arts Society (EAS), a 501 © 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization which provides a platform for authors to present their books worldwide.   Participants are chosen based on book genres and topic discussion.  Please send us a link to your book website for information about you and your book.

Presently, we are not funded by any state, local, federal agency or foundation . . . all funds are derived from donations, fundraising, sale of DVDs, CDs and honorariums.  Thus, EAS is appreciative of authors and other guests who appear on the show for any donation that helps achieve its goals and objectives.  A donation, however, is not a prerequisite for appearing on the show.  All donations are tax-deductible, and an organizational letter will be sent to you for the current year’s taxes.


Educational Arts Society’s goal is to build, maintain and provide music, art and theater lessons to students who can and cannot afford them; include them in a mentoring program with world renowned, successful musicians and offer encouragement in establishing and building artistic awareness of the arts.  Targeted students must exhibit a cultivated interest is acquiring those skills through confidence, consistency and commitment.

EAS looks forward to hearing from you.  If you have a friend who has written a book, please forward this blog post to him/her.




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is a spot to “park” your business on Sundays from 6pm to 8pm!  

It is a worldwide network that reaches 4. 2 million listeners, and DP interviews artists all over the world–artists whose records or CDs are in your home or computer.

 A local celebrity and national figure himself, Parham’s smooth sound on the saxophone soothes the soul, but on Sundays, he’s not “on the saxophone, he’s on the microphone.”  Let him “work for YOU!

Take a look at the levels and select the one most comfortable for your business and budget:

Prices of Sponsorships for One Program


Bronze Level – $25


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Name & Logo on Printed Material


Silver Level – $50


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Gold Level – $75


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Platinum Level – $100


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Name & Logo on Printed Material



Download a picture of your company’s name and logo and send it to or call Marketing Manager, Dr. Mamie Smith.


Include at least four things you would like said about your company. 

Example:  “Rio Boutique, an upscale women and kid store – a store where a woman can get everything except shoes.”   Once you have chosen a level and  contacted us, an invoice will be sent to your company or you, and once paid, the process will begin.

 Go to  and donate $25 to $100 depending on the level you choose, to Educational Arts Society, Inc. (EAS) or send a money order to Educational Arts Society, Inc.  P.O. Box 27335 Detroit, MI 48227.  Make the money order out to Educational Arts Society, Inc.

Contact us via email to let us know when the deposit was made. Money orders must be received 7 business days before the sponsorship can begin.  During that time, your business will be promoted on numerous social media sites.

 Your sponsorship will begin the next show (Sunday) after the deposit has been made or the check received.  If you have an article,  blog or website, we will be happy to place the link in your written ad, and direct customers to you.


The Duane Parham Show


Unfamiliar with Duane Parham?

Take a “listen” to some of his smooth jazz!


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Detroit, hopefully, has hit rock-bottom and is making its way back to middle ground.  There are signs everywhere:  people-walkers, people-shaker and movers, employees, short-term stores, restaurants, stadiums, revitalization and more . . . .

Even though bankruptcy hovers in darkness, progress blossoms in the light. Detroit will return!

Take a look at the good, the bad, beautiful and ugly . . . .

detroit is like this


detroit looks like this


To see the artists, article and entire collection, click here:


Hi Shirley,

I have never visited the Heidelberg Project, but certainly viewed the controversy about it on TV.

There are so-o-o many burned-out and boarded-up houses in Detroit, but I am motivated by those guys who are taking one neighborhood at a time and cleaning it up with new buildings, trash removal and employment for people living in the area.  THAT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!

I do not remember their names, but they have lots of money and … are seeking federal grants.  I saw the interview and the house that will be completed by this week-end on Channel 4 yesterday.

I would LOVE for them to remove the house near my 4-family unit in Detroit.

Comment by Shirley L. Slaughter on July 30, 2013 at 2:02pm
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I volunteered at the Capuchin soup kitchen a couple months ago and on the way back home, passed the Heidelberg project by Guyton. It was not a pretty sight to me but I understood what he has been trying to do. Too bad it hasn’t revitalized the area.

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