“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth” (Psalms 46:10).


Most of us have read this verse numerous times, but what does it mean . . . spiritually mean?  Answering that question depends on the level of spiritual understanding the individual has that supplies the answer, and the responses can be immensely different.


At the rudimentary level, it could mean to cease moving your body from place to place, sit down, and say, “Yea, there’s a God, and no nation on earth equals Him.”


Spiritual growth may produce an answer that follows this train of thought:

Find a quiet place where you can be alone, sit in a comfortable position and stare into space.  Tell yourself, “In spite of what is going on in my life, I know God can help me.  He is more powerful than the “stuff” I’m going through, and He is right here in the room with me.  In fact, He’s everywhere–in every nation!”


Spiritual understanding at one’s highest level of thinking, gives a more spiritual response, admonishing the person to:


Mentally work to expel from consciousness, every thought that does not align itself with God.  Seek to remove the tiniest evasion of divine Love, recognizing that “stillness” has nothing to do with physical movement or human level thinking, but expresses only pure thoughts containing the substance of Spirit.  Know that God is Life, Truth and Love, and because He is so, no evil, disease or death can penetrate or claim a minute space anywhere in your consciousness.  God is supreme, possessing all power, all knowledge and all existence.

Acknowledge His exaltation in the minds of everyone He created, irrespective of race, color, creed or nationality.  Each person has the “mind that was in Christ Jesus,” because he is made in the “image and likeness of God.”  That likeness is never human, but divine, never evil, but good, and never material, but spiritual.

Reaching heaven—spiritual harmony, as well as spiritual earth—spiritual ideas coming from God, I can demonstrate that now!  To exalt God, is an affirmation of man’s exaltation, because man is a likeness of God.  This knowledge and understanding will bring about healing—a rising above the infirmities and iniquities trying to separate me from God.

The medicine of divine Mind heals, is not weak, is ever powerful and effective! Not believing it this. . . is the problem.


A Man and His Guitar!


A heavy heart and tears that flow,

A hand that strummed moves no more, 

But deep inside you hear my  song, 

Gentle, soft, sweet, but strong, 

I gave the world the best of me,

And what just happened, had to be,

No  tears, sorrow, grief or pain,

Should mark the moments of my fame.

“This is the Time” to rest awhile,

Before I start the second mile,

The voyage is something I hold dear,

Reach out and touch, I’m always near. 

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith

It was a morning of deep contemplation and thought . . . my eyes soaked up the words on the page that fervently struck a nerve, recalled memories that made me pause . . .  ponder, and seek a more profound understanding of truth and life.   It had only been a week ago that my study of the Bible had urged me to look at “life” as waters of purification of thought, thoughts that would dissolve all sense of death, destruction and sensuality.  I was admonished to “take of the water of life freely”– that this life is a gift from God, given impartially, equally, and with all of the graces of Spirit.Image result for herb Metoyer author  Now, this week’s lesson was describing “truth” as the light of spiritual understanding–understanding that lifted one above all sense of mortality and darkness.   As I struggled to understand these revelations that the prophets who had lived so long ago understood, the sharp ringing of the phone broke my concentration. 

“Hi Mamie, This is J__________.  I am calling to let you know Herb Metoyer passed away today.”  Kind words were spoken, condolences made, but the words, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” struggled with “Herb is gone.”  As the two concepts played ping pong in the forefront of my consciousness,  I knew one would emerge as truth.  But . . . what was this truth that needed to be seen in order to make me free?  

The Lesson recounted a story in which a man pleaded with Jesus to come to his house and save his child from dying, but Jesus, recognizing that life is not in a physical body, challenged the man to believe his child lived, even before his eyes told him she lived.  What did the man do?  He believed the words that Jesus had spoken to him, and began the journey back home.   Before he reached home, his servants met him and told him that his daughter had recovered.  Upon asking the time she had begun to recover, the man realized that it was about the same time his faith in the words of Jesus had reached fruition.  How does this relate to my friend Herb?  

Herb’s human life spanned many years–in sickness and in health, he made an impact on the world.  That impact is not measured by the tall, handsome, frame that moved him about, but by the words of wisdom he spoke, the melodies that touched our souls, and the warm words that flowed from his spirit.  Who was Herb Metoyer?

He was a husband, father, singer-songwriter, author  and military man.  I met him about five years ago as a member of The Detroit Writers Guild–a non-profit organization that stressed excellence in writing and publishing–with Herb as one of its founders.  At that time, he had already published 2 novels, 19 books, edited the historical book Paradise Valley Days and was writing his last literary contribution: Small Fires in the Sun.  Earlier in his career, Herb was known for writing the song, Mother, Fools Are a Long Time Comin’.  As a newly published  author with minimal writing skills, I picked-up pointers during our meetings that sharpened my ability to write creatively as well as factually.  

Herb was a singer-songwriter of folk music with a tinge of gospel and blues running through it, giving him his own distinct sound.  He performed at many venues, and was a fixture on the Detroit music scene.  

Born in Oakdale, Louisiana, as a child, Metoyer flew model planes, played the trumpet, strummed the guitar and graduated from high school at the tender age of 15.  If you think that was a feat . . . how about graduating from Southern University at 19?   After graduation, he joined the military, became a helicopter and career officer.  To complete his life accomplishments, Herb married the lovely Gerri, fathered four sons and two daughters.

Image result for pictures of herb metoyerAs I end this tribute to Herb, my thoughts race back to the last time I saw him. It was during an annual musical event at the Music Hall in Detroit, where he demonstrated the life and truth I mentioned at the beginning of this article–a life of determination, persistence, perseverance and long-suffering.   Even though he was wearing a breathing apparatus as an aid, he sang and strummed his guitar with skill and courage.

As a military wife understanding a soldier’s salute, I raise my hand to you Herb Metoyer, with the utmost respect and admiration!  You are unquestionably a spiritual warrior . . . and the unwavering, soft-spoken gentleman I knew as . . . “the man with the guitar.”

Reaching Out and Touching a Friend


Evil disappears under the microscope of goodness. Wow, what a statement! What does it mean? I am sure it means different things to different people. Let me see if I can put it into perspective.

What is a workable definition for evil? Webster defines evil as that which is “immoral, wicked” or “bad.” I like to think of evil as that which is erroneous, and erroneous is defined as “a supposition that pleasure and pain, that intelligence, substance, life, are existent in matter” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.472). A simplistic way of saying what the author Mary Baker Eddy maintains, is error is a belief or assumption that flesh and blood contain life and intelligence, and this life can be pleasurable or painful. I hear you saying, “Well, it does!” In reality, it does not! True life is not in a physical body, it is the spiritual qualities that one expresses, and because these qualities are spiritual, they do not exhibit physical pain or pleasure.

Evil itself is only a belief–a belief of a mind separated from God. Because it is not a part of God, makes it evil. This leads to the definition of “good.” Good is everything that is in, or of God. It cannot be bad, and be part of God, Spirit. Since another name for God is Spirit, flesh and blood is not the substance of God. Man, (you and me), is a reflection of God–that which is made in His image and likeness. Therefore, our true identity is not brain, blood and bones, but spiritual concepts and ideas. Wow, again! In fact, double wow!

Now, let’s go back to what started this blog–“evil disappears under the microscope of goodness.” Evil and good are opposites. One cannot exist in the presence of the other. When one is present, the other is absent. I hear you saying again, “That is not true! I have been in the presence of two people, one good, and the other, evil!” This is untrue only if one accepts the premise that evil exists in a person.

My premise is that it does not exist in a physical being, it exists in thought. For you to see evil, you must have it in thought. That thought may be conscious or unconscious, but it IS IN THOUGHT! Destroying evil in thought takes conscious effort. It means working daily–all day to keep one’s thinking pure. A person cannot think evil and good thoughts at the same time. You either hold a good thought in mind, or an evil one, and the second that you let go of one, the other takes over. The good thing about all of this is, that good will always be triumphant over evil. It may not happen for you or me in this world, but it will happen! Why? Because God created good, and did not create evil. All that He created is eternal and unchangeable. The only thing that changes, is our perception.

How does this relate to a friend, relative or stranger? Every person created by God belongs to His family. Reaching out and touching a friend, is holding him in thought. Distance is not a barrier for touching. One can think of a friend or loved one at anytime, and in any place–here or hereafter. Spirituality, not physicality denotes touching, so let your good thoughts embrace your city, your country, and your world.

Beginning each day with spiritual thoughts, words and deeds, allows your microscope to form clear pictures that radiate in eternal goodness.