David Watkins . . . Publisher & Author of Children Books

Detroit bred Author and Publisher David Watkins chats with Talk Show Host Dr. Image result for Images of Author David WatkinsMamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” at 5 pm on Sunday, May 21, 2017 @ about his passion for reading, the books he has written, and the stories he has published by other authors.   “Reading,” says David, “Allows one to travel to countries throughout the world,” and  I might add, without leaving the comfort of his favorite easy chair.

Traveling across the country, Watkins talks with children about the importance of reading, as well as delivering messages that aid them in making positive life choices through his books–books such as Benny and the Basketball Bully, Which Letter is Better? and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  

Benny and the Basketball Bully by [Watkins, David L.]


In Benny and the Basketball Bully, an “11-year-old boy learns the strength of his value when he is challenged by an older child.”  Bullying has reached “epidemic nature” across America, and all children need to understand the destructive impact it has on society.  Walk over to and grab a copy for your child!

What values are we teaching our children?  What positive role models stare at them from the TV screen?   Have honesty, integrity and “telling the truth”  become obsolete in the conscious of America?  Which Letter is Better? (The ABC Series Book 2) by [Watkins, David L.]

Tune-in to at 5 pm on May 21, 2017 and find some of these questions answered.


Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith


The 20 Dollar SHOPPE



Trailer to 20 Dollar Shoppe



Stand up for the arts!  Lend your support!  From 10 am to 4 pm on November 18, 2017, Educational Arts Society will have the second annual fundraiser of the 20 Dollar Shoppe.  What does that mean?  It means everything in the store will cost TWENTY DOLLARS ($20.00) . . . no more … no less.   Only a select number of friends, friend of friends and relatives will receive this letter.  A website is in the developmental stage so that the public will be able to shop online. 

This fundraiser helps to give FREE music lessons to financially-challenged children- ages 6 to 18.

To attend, contact

Author Barbra Gentry – Pugh

barbra-gentry-pughBARBRA GENTRY-PUGH, CEO of Heart Expressions Ministries International, a faith ministry devoted to touching the hearts of women one beat at a time, and encouraging them to live lives that express the heartbeat of God, has shared her vision in a book entitled “Every Beat of My Heart.”

This book is a self- discovery of dedication, obedience, forgiveness and transformation.  The reader is taken on a mental journey, a journey built on faith, hope and a deep sense of humility.   You  learn the difference between the “Voice of God” and the voice of human thinking, discover what it means to”live in the moment” of life and realize that an intimate relationship with God is achievable here on earth.


Ms. Gentry- Pugh, a Certified Bible Counselor and Talk Show Host of Heart Expressions says, “We are spirit; we are soul; and we live in body,” a body governed by  Every Beat of My Heart.    Click on the link and “grab a copy of this book!”


Get a “jump-start” on the essence of the author’s message prior to her appearance on Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pm, on February 26, 2017.  You can access this interview by going to

Reverend Michael Gentry, the brother and co-author of the book, adds his own special touch to the interview, and the listener will walk away with a greater sense of the spiritual nature of man.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide for the liar, but a stab at the health of human society.”  The clarity of this statement reverberates throughout the interview.  Don’t miss it!


Dr. Mamie Smith  See ya’ there!

My Experience @ Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge!


I am a simple person, have a simple car ( a 2006 PT Cruiser) and follow simple directions.  I ask questions when I am not clear on things and give and expect honest answers.  With this in mind, on July 10, 2014 I traveled to  ROCHESTER HILLS – CHRYSLER – JEEP – DODGE at 1301 South Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills, MI 48207, spoke with a heavy-set man seated on the right-hand side of the room facing north and told him I needed my car serviced and also needed a visor mirror replaced on the driver’s side of my car.  The man, (whom I was told later his name is Advisor Matt) sent me to the ordering department where an order was placed for a visor mirror at a cost of $144.00 plus tax and and additional $55 for installation.  After which, I was told to report to Chris for setting up an appointment to get it installed.   I went to Chris and an appointment was made for Monday, July 14, 2014.

Upon leaving Chris,  I approached the heavy-set guy again about having my car serviced because he did not address it the first time, but sent me immediately to the ordering department.  I explained that I was going to put the car on the road on July 18th and needed the air conditioner checked, tires checked and overall maintenance to determine if everything was working properly.  His response:

“I will not be able to take your car for two weeks  because we are booked up.”

“Ok, I live in Troy, so I will take it to a dealership there.”

“They won’t be able to take it either because they are sending us their cars.  Is your air conditionerworking?”

“Yes, but I would like to know if it needs “freeon” or whatever so that it does not stop working while I am away.  I don’t want to have problems while on the road”

“If it is working now, it does not need freeon.  Trust me.”

“Well, I have heard that before. ”

“We can give you an oil change and check some things, but it will be two weeks before I can take your car.”

Trusting his information, I agreed to the ‘assembly line’ check.  This is a list of the items shown on Customer #123496–the receipt given to me by the dealership that they SAY they performed:


Change oil, replace filter

Top off washer solvent, top off trans. fluid

Top off Power steering fluid , check tire pressure

Replace lube sticker

Routine maintenance

Mopar oil change 2.4L EFI 03?09

On Monday, July 14th, I reported to Chris for installment of my visor.  After waiting for over an hour, Chris found me in the waiting room and told me the mirror was broken when it was unwrapped, and another order would have to be placed and should arrive by Wednesday.  We agreed on Thursday (because of my having prior commitments)for the installation .  The mirror was installed.  Momentarily, I questioned if the entire flap for the mirror was new, because there were dirty fingerprints on it.  Not wanting to be “picky” I decided I could remove them with a carpet cleanser and said nothing about it.

On Friday, July 18th, I left for my trip to Wisconsin.  A few minutes after getting there, my air conditioner had barely cool air coming from it.  Several Chrysler dealerships were called and only one agreed to look at it.  However, when I arrived there, he said it would be hours to look at it and 3 days for parts and repair.  The windows had to be lowered for the whole vacation and return trip.

On Sunday July 20, 2014,  as I was returning from the trip, about 20 miles from home, I heard a loud “pop” and smelled rubber.  Immediately,  my car became difficult to steer.  I put on my hazard lights and continued to drive.  By now it was between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm and I was alone in the car.  Finally, I reached home.

The next morning, I relayed the incident to Dave Robinson, the General Manager of Rochester Hills.  After which, he immediately defended the position his advisor had taken even though I was not sure of his name, but stated he would look into the situation and return my call.

About a couple of hours later, he returned the call and told me, that I only dealt with two people, Chris the person who gave the appointment and the person who ordered the visor. When I protested that, and said I could walk in the place and point out the person whom I had spoken to about the overall maintenance inspection, he said that was his advisor Matt, but his investigation revealed I worked with only two people.

“No, I dealt with at least three people,” I said.

“Well, if you did speak with Matt, he was only telling you the truth, we were backed up.”

“But you yourself said the backup time was 3 to 4 days, not two weeks.”

“Well, at that time, it was 2 weeks.”

“Why did he try to dissuade me from going to another dealership?”

“He was just telling you the truth, Troy was sending us their people.”

“Are you satisfied that you gave good service?”

“We gave no service, only the visor installation!”

“Sir, are you saying you have no record that you serviced my car?”

“Yes, my paperwork shows we ordered and installed a visor.”

“I have a paper that shows you serviced my car.”

“If you are talking about the oil change, yea, we did that.”  Hm-m-m, I wonder what his definition of service is.  Look at the services AGAIN that they performed!

“I am sorry for your trouble, but my advisors followed directions from me, all they did was tell you the truth.”

“Sir, put yourself in my place, if the same thing happened to you would you feel you got good service?”

“What I’m saying is my guys told you the truth and you did not want to hear it.”

“So you feel your company bears no responsibility for what has happened?”

“No, we don’t lie to our customers, we tell them the truth.”

“No one is asking you to lie, but answer my question, I did not ask you if you told the truth,  I asked if you thought I received good service from you?”

“Yes, because we did not service your car, and we told the truth.”

“Well sir, I will put this in my blog.”

“You make sure when you do so, you tell the truth!”

Now dear readers, I have told the truth.  How would you feel if the exact same thing happened to you?  Which would you prefer Rochester Chrysler’s version of truth or what you believe is good service?  Do you feel the company bore no responsibility?  Do you believe the employees gave good service?  You be the judge!

In the meantime, I will take my car to another dealership for servicing and seek another interpretation of . . .  the truth.

P.S.  I just called the Troy Motor Mall Chrysler Dealership and was also told “We are backed up!”  Back-up time — 3 to 4 days which is the number of days the General Manager at the Rochester Hills dealership said their back-up time was.  That is  . . . until he was reminded that his Advisor Matt said “two weeks.”  The time suddenly got longer — 2 weeks that day I was there!  Hm-m-m-m.

The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire Documentary


Historical Documentary:The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire Goes to Kalamazoo Library


The documentary will provide appreciation, entertainment and education of the historical musical contributions made by the horn players of Motown.  These musicians have not been formally recognized or honored for helping create the “Motown sound.”  Without them, the sound would not have the worldwide acclaim that it enjoys today.  The documentary listens to their voices (many who are no longer with us) hears their cries and feels their appreciation.  Audiences will love stepping back into history and mentally hearing the sounds their instruments made.  Trailers of the documentary can be viewed on Youtube.

           Kalamazoo Public Library

           315 S. Rose St.  –  Van Deusen Room

           Kalamazoo, MI 49007

           (269) 342 – -9838

           Saturday, August 22, 2015 – 12 pm         DVDs Available


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Shirley Slaughter Talks About Her NEW Book “CRAZY HOT!”

Do you know what it’s like to be “crazy hot” and live on the edge?  Shirley Slaughter does . . . and she will give you a dose of it @ 5pm, Sunday, July 12, 2015 on as she shares her new book Crazy Hot: And Living on the Edge.  Don’t miss it!

Hear her on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith this coming Sunday!

She will also share news ideas about her first book Our Lady of Victory.

Run over to amazon and get it!  See ya!


Escape From Anxiety and Stress!

Escape from Anxiety and Stress!  Reach Higher Levels of Thought!  Remove Fear!

Fear, stress and anxiety cause many of the diseases mankind struggles with on a daily basis, and experience shows us that surgery and pills have not made them disappear  . . . but have in most cases only prolonged or exacerbated them! What do we do?  How do we advance?  Peggy Sealfon shares answers in her book Escape From Anxiety.





Peggy says there are a “variety of life changing modalities from ancient yogic techiques” that will help you overcome immense and minute obstacles that the human experience has flung onto the “trails of life.” Moreover, she says her programs will not only “integrate (your) mind and body,” but help you “reconnect to your inner power.”  You will find yourself overcoming problems with relationships, sex, weight, sleep and pain; counteracting obesity and diabetes; ejecting self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your happiness; partaking of “energy medicine” which she says is the “new frontier of self-healing” and literally removing your healthcare from the hands of the medical world, and placing it in yours.  

Discover how she does this at 5pm, September 20, 2015 on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smithon To get a head start, go to herwebsite and grab a copy of the book before the show!


Ms. Sealfon is a Personal Development Coach, Wellness Specialist, Author, and former Journalist at the New York Times who writes from personal experiences, courage and years of helping others .  Here is what one reader says about “Escape From Anxiety:”

In just the first few paragraphs, she was spot on with identifying what my personal problem(s) were–she had me at page 1!  As you continue to read, and she writes in a style where you don’t want to put the book down, (ask my dentist, as I tried to read while getting a cleaning), you increase in motivation and empowerment.  Peggy really makes it seem so easy in the beginning, and she gives . . . tips on what to do long term for continued success.”  Alesha R. Brown

Another reader says, ” A must read!  Written from the heart, full of practical advice.” Kathryn Leib Hunter, CEO of the National Alliance of Mental Illness


Now that I have your attention  . . . we both will:

See you @ the interview! 

Peggy Sealfon

What the World Needs is LOVE!

“What the World Needs Now Is Love,” a song written by Hal David and recorded by Jackie DeShannon, struck an emotional chord with the world in 1965. It was a time when violence was increasing, long-established values were disappearing, and a sense of morality taken lightly. Children were questioning the wisdom of their parents in new ways, and a sub-culture was emerging in America. This caused people to cling to what they knew and understood, and fight changing attitudes and practices.

One can conceivably say that the same thing is happening in the world today. Change causes uncertainty, fear, anger, and a sense of lost identity. These emotions cause one to act in uncontrollable ways. It is seen on the highways, on the internet, in our government and how people treat each other. Traveling 30 miles one way to my business location, I have an opportunity to either inflame these emotions or instill calmness. I choose the latter.

One day as I was leaving my workplace at a speed of 70 miles per hour on an expressway, another opportunity to instill world peace presented itself. I was driving in the third left lane of a four-lane highway. The fourth lane was clear of traffic for about a half mile or more ahead. The right two lanes had traffic traveling about the same speed as I. Suddenly, a black van passed me in the open left fourth lane and cut directly in front of me–the back of his car barely clearing my left fender. Having my mental armor on, I spoke quietly and said, “And God loves you too!” This prevented anger, or any sense of “getting even” from entering my thought. I continued on my way calmly.

Not allowing other people to take away my sense of goodness has become a way of life for me. Each morning, I read two books that aid this process–the Bible and “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy. I pray to have peace, joy, humility and love established in thought. These determine my actions.Worship Him Video_0001

The world needs love. Love is not a human emotion. It is a divine quality. Each person has the capacity to love, a quality given to us by God. However, it is not evident unless we work at keeping it uppermost in thought. Evil thoughts yield evil actions. Pure thoughts generate good deeds. There is no other way! I ask you! What did you do today to contribute to world peace? What did you do to take away world peace?

Let today start you in a new direction–not just for the world, but for yourself. Let go of dis-ease. Holding on to anger, hate, resentment, jealousy, and revenge, cause stress, and stress plants the seeds to all the ills of the world.

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. That’s the only thing that I am sure of!

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Touching Lives One Word at a Time – How About Yours?

Writing is a form of communication, and it must be done with clarity of thought, correct spelling and syntax.  Many times, authors are so focused on a story-line that they gloss over the significance of “finishing touches.” Enter Dr. Smith’s world and . . . every detail is put into place. 


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The Five-Letter Word Called “Anger!” Always Free Federal

Anger is being held up as a force that is driving change–a force that moves one to positive results. That is far from the truth! Positive action yields positive results. Anger is a strong emotion that breeds displeasure and resentment.
It clouds one’s thinking–preventing sound, logical judgment. Daily people are commenting on networks with profanity, screaming in town-hall meetings with denigration and lies, and maligning individuals without a cause. Anger leads to hate, and hate breeds insanity. What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”

Progress is born of experience, but that progress has to be based on solid principles and ideas. Ideas that are diverse, reflective and impartial. Such thinking is ripe for growth, advancement and success. Thinking generated by anger and hate, only hurts the person promoting it and carrying it inside. When will human beings learn this? Anger and hate cause stress, and stress is the breeding ground for numerous diseases: cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and so on. In addition, they do no one any good. I am learning that the person whom I am angry with does not really care that I am angry, and is unaffected by it, but I AM!

The world is in a state of change–hopefully for the better. It takes all of us using our best efforts to bring about a positive change. To grow, we must give up old ways of doing things that serve only a small group of people, and develop strategies that help more. Ranting and raving, innuendos, and false representation benefit no one.

All Americans, under the Constitution, enjoy the same opportunity and freedom. One of those opportunities is freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is a right as well as a privilege, but with that privilege comes responsibility. Let us use it “for the people, and by the people,” under God’s government.