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An American Story: My Family and Yours


A Review of “An American Story: My Family and Yours”


An American Story: My Family and Yours, is not only an American story, but a worldwide story—a story that shares the emotions, fears, experiences and challenges every family in the human race can relate to.  It underlines the idea, that a human problem is a world problem because the world suffers from it in some way—sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.  Humanity shares the same emotions, hardships and successes because it lives in a human vacuum—a vacuum that loves, hates, forgives, suffers and dies.  Families work together and families work against each other, but when faith and love conquer thought, they forgive each other and move on.

My family, is only a representation of your family, and collectively, we are a microcosm of the world family.  This is why you can and will relate to this book.  The author’s pain becomes your pain, and her joy makes your heart overflow.  You will see faith, courage and inner peace lived because it identifies with your faith and courage.  As you read, her family will be replaced by your own personal experiences with your family.

Whatever emotions this book generates, sad or happy, success or failure, it will lift the veil from your eyes, and the light that fills your thoughts will make you say, “I’m better because I read this book …”  So … jump on board and take the ride with her.  The journey is worth it!


An American Story: My Family and Yours



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The author, Dr. Mamie Smith tells a story that must be told.  It cuts across racial and ethnic lines and says, “This is the way it was or is!”

This book challenges the inner thought.  If you are a surface thinker… you will not like this book.  If you refuse to face reality…you will not like this book.  If you are hiding behind “The past is the past!” you will not like this book.  However, if you are willing to delve beneath the mask you have placed on your consciousness, you will not only enjoy this message, you will grow with it, expound on it and maybe write a book of your own.

Stay tuned…


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LAUNCH BY DR. MAMIE SMITH- An American Story: MY Family & Yours


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Barbra Gentry – Pugh Sponsors “The 3 (Jazz) Kings!”



barbra-gentry-pughBARBRA GENTRY-PUGH, CEO of Heart Expressions Ministries International, a faith ministry devoted to reaching the heart of women one beat at a time, and encouraging them to live lives that express the heartbeat of God, is sponsoring “The 3 Kings Concert” on December 9, 2016 at the Detroit Unity Temple.  



Ms. Gentry- Pugh is a Certified Bible Counselor, Talk Show Host of Heart Expressions and author of a book entitled Every Beat of My Heart.    Click on the link and “grab a copy!”

Barbra Gentry-Pugh

Educational Arts Society  appreciates and respects the efforts of Barbra Gentry-Pugh in helping it achieve its mission and goals–goals that not only help children discover an artistic skill-set, but more importantly acquire a basic value skill-set.

Ms. Gentry-Pugh’s sponsorship encourages musical and artistic excellence in bringing three of Michigan’s top-rated jazz saxophonists:  Lord Yancyy, Deon Yates and Duane Parham.


“We the 3 (Inn) Kings” showcases  jazz musicians . . . having local, national and international acclaim.  Christmas music and traditional smooth jazz sounds will fill the air.  Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 248 599 – 2827.


Barbra Gentry-Pugh – See Ya’ There!

Dr. Mamie Smith Talks with CATHY ZUCKER About Her Book: BEAUJOLAIS


Passion!          Love!         Excitement!          Discovery!

All of these words describe Cathy Zucker’s novel Gray Beaujolais.  She takes the reader on a zig-zag course of emotion, love of music and a desire to break away from past life choices. The title is “catchy” and tugs at the reader’s ability to connect it to the essence of the story.   Beaujolais is a French wine, but . . . what is gray wine?  How does it capture the message of the story?  That, dear reader . . . is what you will find out at 5:15 pm on Sunday, April 13, 2014 when Cathy Zucker chats with Dr. Smith on “Talk to the Author” @ EAMT – The Place 2 Be!

Gray Beaujolais

Gray Beaujolais

Classical music lovers will discover some of their favorite names of operas and arias and life lovers will drink in the lessons every sincere seeker needs to learn as he makes his way through the twists and turns of life.   Zucker uses a sharp-minded, straight-forward character named Sarah to get much of her message across, but late-bloomer Charlotte, enchants with prose and wisdom as the novel increases in intensity and reaches a crescendo in love and inspiration. 

If you don’t get the “rhythm” of the novel now, let your fingers or mouse take you to the interview on April 13, 2014 and you will get it there . . . .

If you have friends that want to listen, go You may need your app to connect.

For friends to call in:  Dial (248) 562-2802.

Sing with us as we drink of “Gray Beaujolais!”

Let Us Remember! Always Free Federal
Let Us Remember!
atonementIt was only a few months ago when the world’s financial systems were on the brink of collapse, corruption and greed unfolded daily on Wall Street, and our name was “mud” throughout the world. The deficit was 1.2 trillion dollars and most of the country wanted “change.” Well guys, we are getting change, and that change is a great sacrifice for all of us. Nothing good comes easy. It sometimes requires one to cut off his arm (not really) and pull himself up by his bootstraps. Where is our strength, patience and courage? The “green pastures” and “still waters” come from FIGHTING the wolf and the bear, so that the sheep are protected. Have we learned NOTHING from the 23rd Psalms?

It took years to get us in the mess that we were in and surprisingly, we are moving out of it faster that many believed. It has taken all of us working together to achieve the distance that we have come, and it will take all of us working together to continue. I grew up in a family of 16, two parents and 14 children–I know what it means to “wait thou upon the Lord.” It is sad to see that many Americans do not. Rome was not torn down in a day, and it will not be re-built in a day. Destructive criticism and finger-pointing achieve nothing! Use those creative juices to be constructive, and the world wins!

Remember, “we can!”

What is the War Mankind is Fighting?


spiritual_lightLooking at this peaceful scene , it is easy to believe that war does not exist. Yet it reigns throughout the world, including America. There
is the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and many other
unnamed locations.

Today the war in America is Fort Hood, Texas. I awoke to scenes from yesterday’s massacre of people who started the day loving their families, doing assigned jobs, and planning for the
week-end. Thirteen of those people will never see it. Why? I am sure
this question has been asked many times by the mothers, fathers,
brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and children of those shot down in
yet again, another senseless act of violence. How does one protect
himself from such acts? The answer lies in the understanding of one’s
view of safety.

Before approaching the meaning of safety, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for those individuals who lost a loved one, those suffering from physical injuries, and those trying to heal
emotional scars from this experience. No human words can touch the
depth of your pain. Also, to the family of the young man who believed
destruction was the answer to his pain, our thoughts include you.

Before answering the question “How can we protect ourselves from such acts of violence?” one needs to discover the source of such violence. Thus, I go back to my initial question: Where is the
war that mankind is fighting? It is within himself. Is this what
Jesus meant when he stated emphatically that “the kingdom of God is
within you” (Luke 17:21)? No! How does this kingdom differ from what
was going on inside of the man who held the gun that snuffed out the
lives of 13 people, and the kingdom Jesus spoke of? The kingdom that
Jesus spoke of is harmony, peace, tranquility–a state of thought
untouched by earthly thoughts, values and actions. It’s a
consciousness “at one with God.” There is no anger, bitterness,
violence or mental agony–only goodness and love.

Picking up a gun and firing it in the face of an individual, will never enter this level of thought. Whereas the level of thought experienced by the gunman, was
self-motivated, self-directed and self-initiated. His only thought was
how he felt–what he wanted, what someone said or did to him. Always Free Federal

Sam's Club - Social Play

Everything was all about him! Here was a man whose job was to help
others clarify their thoughts, and he did not have a clue as to how it
should be done.

The human mind has no answers, and until the world acknowledges this, these acts will continue. The only mind is “the mind of the Lord.” One reaches the mind of the Lord by focusing on
thoughts that align themselves with something outside of human logic.
I call it God. You can call it what you choose, but it must be
elevated above human thinking! “Me-ism” rules the world of human
thought, but spirituality rules the consciousness of divine thought. I
recognize that their are those who do not believe in anything outside
of humanity. I say to you, “Let God be your Judge.”

How does one protect himself from such acts of violence? I yield to the level of David’s thinking in Psalms 91: 9-11). “Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the
most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither
shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling, For he shall give his angels
charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Each morning before
I start the day, I enter this “habitation” mentally. By so doing, I
know that I am protected by love, not confusion, and if for some
reason, my human life is taken, I will be moved to a higher level of
existence. This knowledge gives me a sense of peace.

The war within mankind begins with “self”–weeding out the seven cardinal sins: lust, greed, pride, gluttony, envy, sloth,and wrath. When he does this, the war inside will cease, because it is
replaced with “the kingdom of heaven.”

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Bringing Tithes into the Storehouse: What Does It Mean? Always Free Federal

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it (Malachi 3: 10).

What is a tithe? Webster defines “tithe” as “a tenth part.” Mary Baker Eddy defines “tithe” as a tenth part, but also gives a more spiritual definition: “gratitude.” I would like to look at tithing from a spiritual perspective since God is Spirit. In order to do so, it is necessary to place Malachi in a historical time frame. Many historians believe he lived around the era of Ezra or Nehemiah instead of Zechariah (535 b.c). If this is true, one can safely say he was greatly influenced by the doctrine of The Old Testament. This caused him to be disturbed by the people’s abandonment of the foundational mandates taught by the Isralites: worship, marriage and labor. They were no longer reconstructing the temple using physical labor, no longer marrying within the tribal family, but into paganism, and worshiping material things instead of God. The teachings of the priests were heavily skewed by greed, corruption and sin, causing them to inflict social injustices on the downtrodden. Malachi, which means “angel,” sought to restore moral integrity and justice into personal affairs, but never reached the practice of spirituality over materiality. Conversely, the teachings of Jesus elevated the thinking of mankind to a more spiritual level. He explained and built on the laws of Moses, reached a level of understanding far removed from sensualism, and practiced what He espoused. He talked about God, whom no one could see with the eyes, as being His Father, healed the multitudes through spirituality, never administering drugs, pills or surgery, and forgave the heartless. This is His legacy! We have it to build on it, not retrogress to lowers levels of thinking expressed in The Old Testament.

God’s gifts to man, His “image and likeness,” has nothing to do with matter or materiality. . All that God gives is spiritual. Why would God give that which He neither made nor contains. Mankind’s consciousness must be elevated!

Malachi tells the people to “bring the tithes into the storehouse.” He’s admonishing them to bring a tenth of the gifts of God (love, respect, reverence, faith, spirituality) into their thoughts so that their actions would be divine. Divine consciousness will generate the “meat” which is harmony, compassion and unity. This divine consciousness enables them to connect with God, Spirit, and move beyond a material sense of meat. The ability to connect with God yields infinite blessings–blessings that never cease. These blessings are not defined by money, prestige and human power, but by divine power. Gratitude is the key to receiving the gifts of God. Gratitude to whom? God! It may go something like this:” I am grateful that I express the love of God. I am grateful that God loves me. I am grateful that I can forgive unconditionally. I am grateful that I express all that God is.” When mankind starts his day in such a manner, this gratitude reaches out to all whom he meets. He does not have to brow-beat people into doing things that THEY should do, his efforts are spent doing the things that God made HIM to do, and leave the rest to God. We are only blessed by what we feel from God, not from man.

I heard a person say, “I’m going to give God His 10% of my money so that I can receive my blessings. God does not need money! God is Spirit! He DOES need us to express Him–His spirituality, because He made us in His image. I give to maintain my church’s needs–keeping the electricity on, the building repaired, etc. Going beyond the basics is a man-made goal! A storehouse is not a building, it is a consciousness, and a tithe is not money, it is gratitude! So come on mankind, let’s bring those tithes into the storehouse!

LaShell Renee Griffin – Winner of Oprah Pop Star Challenge

Vocalist!    Actress!    Mother!   

LaShell Renee Griffin, a local singer content with being a mother and her Detroit musical notoriety, was pushed into international acclaim when she won the Oprah Pop Challenge in 2004. Since that time, she has sung the National Anthem forPresident Barack Obama, becomethe Detroit Pistons’ vocalist to open at hometown games for four years and recorded songs that made their way up the charts in four genres.

Renee traveled the world, discovered other cultures and still uses her talents to perform in many musical venues, ventures into the movie theater world and contributes to gospel music at her church in Detroit.

Hear Ms. Griffin talk about her successes, challenges and the one constant in her life . . . God, on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 5pm on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on

Don’t miss it!