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The Duane Parham Show

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META: Her Spirit Lives On!



(Her energy and spirit lives on)

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Out of the mist, the frozen abyss came a soul,

From the mind of God thrust forth a living soul
Clamping on to humanity, this God spirit became a living soul,
Entering beautifully, she, like a rosebud showed us a spirited soul.

Mind, body and spirit coalesced as she grew,
Mind, body and spirit expressed as she became aware.
Mind, body and spirit influenced her society as part of the crew,
Mind, body and spirit shaped itself as she prepared to share.

A beautiful essence, a soulful delight,
Escalating spiritual connection, a connection to the Light,
Comprehending the scope of the spectrum, she transcended expectations,
Infusing her love, her caring, her sharing,
With compassionate passion she eclipsed revelation.

Creation knew, that those she touched needed a message,
A lovely soul came and showed forth, and delivered the message
The energy and spirit of the soul we loved and cherished,
Has now transitioned to a new dimension.

The energy and spirit of the message
Meta superimposed on our soul is implanted eternally,
The energy and spirit of our Meta
Dwells in our mind, body and soul continually
Imparting compassionate, passionate love,
The energy and spirit of the message
Is why we constantly communicate our soul to soul.

Written by Reginald Hamilton

Macys Australia





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“Crazy Hot! And Living on the Edge!!”

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Author Shirley Slaughter speaks from many years of suffering, leaning on doctors, research and finally gaining the knowledge to keep herself healthy.
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What Does Life Look Like After You Pass Away?


What Does Life Look Like After You Pass Away?

salvationHave you ever pondered such a question as the one above?  Do you believe there is life after death, or are you one of those people who runs away from such questions and answers, and labels people a bit “nuts’ who raise such issues?

I am one of those people who say, “There is a trial period each one of us will go through after the human body passes away.”  Two key words make me say this: faith and understanding.  From early childhood, I have believed in a power greater that man–a power I call God.  As I grew in faith and battled with the darts and bolts of life, I sought understanding–spiritual understanding and was not denied.

Such understanding has made me redefine who I am–a child of God–a child made not of flesh and bones, but of divine consciousness.  Each of us has within consciousness goodness, mercy, joy, peace, good will, harmony and an infinite number of qualities that come from God.  The man God created is a body of divine thoughts, not a human body as many believe.  To cling to such a belief separates us from gaining an understanding of who we really are.  Years of searching have made me know who I really am!  

The greatest example of a “trial period after death,” was the re-appearance of Jesus to his disciples and many others after his crucifixion.  His human body showed the marks of death, but his spiritual mind revealed dominion over death.  He did this to prove to all of us that death really is an illusion, based on the belief that man lives in flesh instead of Spirit.

You say, “Hm-m-m-m. . . now I know she has lost it.”  I haven’t lost anything, I have simply gained spiritual understanding.  These words stem from over 40 years of divine demonstrations of Life, Truth and Love.  What does that mean?  It means I have healed diseases the same way Jesus did, silenced hate, forgiven the seemingly unforgivable and today, see life only as the divine activity of thought.


Life means using wisdom and understanding to gain dominion over sin, disease and death.  Death occurs only if you believe life is in the body.  I believe in the premise that man lives only in divine consciousness, not in matter.  If God, whom I believe to be Life, created all existence, death has no basis for occurrence.  It does not exist!  That is what is meant by “receiving the Holy Ghost.”  One reaches a state of thought where human existence is viewed as a myth, not as the creation of the One God.

How do we achieve this while here on earth?  Jesus paved the way.  He taught that the Christ was and is not a physical being, but a divine message from God that speaks to the human consciousness and takes away the sins of mankind.  That same Christ dwells among us . . . we have only to become spiritually aware of its presence.

Jesus had a dual personality–one of Spirit and of flesh.  Uninspired thought only saw the fleshly Jesus, but inspired thought knew the spiritual one.  Which one are you clinging to?  To walk in the flesh but become one with the Spirit, means the human eyes see mortal man, but mentally embrace the spiritual man.  As we grow in grace, every mortal thought will be destroyed by truth and you will gain eternal life.

What does life after death look like?  You will awake with a consciousness, not a physical body, because you have left that body here on earth–in a grave or ashes in an urn.  That consciousness you awake with, will basically be in the same place it was before you passed way.  What do I mean by that?  It will hold the same concepts, ideas and beliefs that controlled your life while on earth.  If those thoughts and ideas are materialistic, your battle to obtain eternal life will continue.  You will suffer from lack of spiritual understanding and may even die again and again until you reach the understanding needed to alter your journey.

Those who have embraced Christ and strove to demonstrate it while living on earth before death, will awake to a greater understanding of man and his relationship to God. Your wisdom will be heightened, growth steady and demonstrations sound.  This will continue until the “last trump sounds”– the last erroneous thought in consciousness melts into truth and love, and you attain a mind that never separates itself from God.

What road will you choose today?  What pathway will you walk in?  Will it be one of truth or error, joy or sorrow, love or hate, peace or war?   The choice is yours!



Muhammad Ali :

I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street locate…

I watched silently as the white, convertible Cadillac crept slowly down the street–the open top revealing the tanned, handsome young man seated in the back seat.  It was a street located in the heart of the Negro section of Louisville, Kentucky–a street lined with white businesses, manned by black employees.  I was one of those employees.  My employer was a Jewish pharmacist with a store called Palace Drugs.  At the age of 20, I sold packaged drugs, liquor, household items along with ice cream sundaes and milk shakes.

As the crowds raced alongside the car, the young man, Cassius Clay shouted and waved his hands.  He had just returned home after winning the Olympic gold medal for heavy-weight boxing–a hometown hero, as well as national hero.  I could not hear his words, but whatever they were, the crowd loved them.  I stared at this man–a man two years younger than I, but has reached world acclaim.

Standing in the large window framed with drugstore paraphernalia, my heart swelled with admiration, respect and wonderment.  While I admired and respected his achievements, I wondered why he did not conform to the status quo.  His TV appearances showed him as a loud-mouth, conceited young man who was going to get himself in trouble if he did not “tone-down.”  Like Clay, I had grown up in the south where the white establishment wanted you to “stay in your place.”  Admittedly, I did not always do that, but I was not on the world stage, so my individual little fights did not mean very much . . . his however, did.

A week later, while attending a church service, I heard a ruckus behind me, turned around and found myself staring into the face of Cassius Clay!  I was surprised because I had no idea he attended the same church that I did.  It was all I could do to keep myself from stealing glances at the Olympic champion.  When I did so, I thought, “Wow! He does have a”handsome face as he maintains on TV!”  But as I followed the career of young Cassius Clay, in which he evolved into Muhammad Ali, I began to understand that the face he presented to the world was not external, but internal.

As he labored to understand his true identity–an identity based on fame, fortune, different life ideals and experiences beyond America, he was both loved and hated.  His attitude was viewed as brash, arrogant, imposing, and sometimes an embarrassment to the “Negro attitude” that plagued African Americans in the 1960’s–an attitude where many knew “their place” in America, and did not wish to risk the wrath of mainstream America by being aroused out of it.

We asked, “Why doesn’t he keep his mouth shut? What’s wrong with Christianity?  Why doesn’t he want to serve his country?”  The last question was particularly difficult for my family because my husband was a career soldier, who had one tour in the Korean War and two tours in Vietnam.

However, as I questioned, listened and followed, a new face of Ali emerged–a face that forced me to remove the sackcloth from my eyes and get a glimpse of the world he was viewing.  Here is what I saw;

Unrestricted Freedom – Irrefutable Equality – Unbiased Justice 

Unrestricted Freedom

Muhammad Ali recognized that freedom is based on a divine truth–a truth that frees thinking of all human concepts and ideas.  It is universal, yet individualistic in demonstration.  It restricts no one, and is not based on race, color, religion, sex, class, economic status or sexual orientation.  It says, “Everything human is subordinate to everything divine.”

Irrefutable Equality

Ali used higher levels of thought that revealed “equality” as that defined by the divine qualities one expresses. These qualities place country, family and oneself subordinate to divine direction.  This caused him to choose his understanding of Allah (God) over country.  Your pathway or mine may have taken a different course, but his was based on his understanding, not ours.  Stripped of title, respect and honor, he waged a war that led to a solution of peace and harmony.  Many who pointed a finger at him, had used money, power and manipulation to elude fighting in Vietnam.  The only true war is a war against evil–an evil that pits brother against brother, and is based on control, wealth and fear.  History records that we waged a war in Vietnam we could not win . . . didn’t win.

Unbiased Justice

At a very young age, Cassius Clay used his fame to attack some of the social injustices of America.  Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, he had experienced prejudice and discrimination.  He knew the sting of being called “less than” based solely on the color of his skin, the racism that said a black man was not created to be as intelligent as a white man, the hurt and shame of being turned away from movies, churches, stores, hotels and housing because he was “colored.”  The new religion gave him a sense of pride, a knowledge that all men are really created equal–not something written in the Constitution, but has a different meaning when lived in society. These were things he sought to change.

Each person wages war on the ills of the world in his own individual way.  We are not all cut from the same human cloth, but when governed by divine law, are sown together with the same divine understanding.  Injustice then in any form, is unacceptable in the divine economy.

For many years, the man, Muhammad Ali was misunderstood–not only by whites, but by blacks also.  The man who “floated like a butterfly, and stung like a bee,”  was ridiculed, humiliated, but stayed the course.  In 2005, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and became known as a boxer (the greatest), philanthropist and social activist.

Today, I saw a video where his daughter said he once asked, “Will I be remembered?”

Yes . . . we remember.

Detroit: The Comeback City!

Detroit:  The Comeback City!

There are glowing headlines about the “wonderful” things going on in the Big D!

People  visiting from other cities are quick to express their glee in the revival of Detroit.  Yes . . . we are experiencing a renaissance, but the success is only in certain areas, mainly downtown, and even where success is taking place, the question arises “Is the success based on money and power or respect and empathy for mankind?”  I think most citizens would choose the former.  Why do I say that?   “Heart-breaking Headlines!”

“Heart-breaking Headlines!”

Lost of Loved One“There were 23 shootings in Detroit this week-end!”  “Another child was shot and killed!”  “The unemployment rate for African-Americans is above the national average!”

Neighborhood Blight

Trash –  A Call to Building & Safety

They say:  “It’s on the List!”

You Say:  “It’s been on the list for 5 or 6 years!  – They do NOTHING!

You Call “Help Me Hank.”  His Office says: “Call or email “Improve Detroit.”  You do!

They say:  “We don’t pick-up curbside.”  You say:  Curbside?  This is not curbside!”



As important as economic growth is, growth in morality is the pinnacle of success.  Money does not cause a person to treat a neighbor the way he would like to be treated or quell anger, hate and discrimination.  For these to emerge, the heart must be softened, the soul touched and arrogance replaced with humility.   Often, someone exclaims, “What is the world coming to?”  Surely, this century is not the only time that thought has been expressed, but this century is where we are hearing it . . . what are we going to do about it?

The first place to start is within oneself.  Ask yourself the question, “What am I harboring within thought?  How am I viewing the person who is driving in front of me?  What do I think when I see someone who looks different from me, whose religion is different and whose values do not necessarily parallel mine?  Is my immediate thought, “He is less than?” or “Everyone is created by God, making him part of my family?”  The thought you choose determines your action.

Praying for Detroit

One of the things that I have been doing for many years, is praying specifically for Detroit. What does such a prayer look like?  It may go something like this: 

Detroit is made-up of consciousnesses that are filled with spiritual ideas.  Each consciousness is an idea that does not need a gun to survive, protect oneself, to settle an argument or plot how to rob and destroy another. . . but dwells in the harmony of Soul.  Each idea expresses abundance, not lack, and that abundance comes in the form of good thoughts–thoughts that hurt no one, including oneself.  

I know thoughts that seek to fill the human mind with pain, suffering, resentment, bitterness and hate must be rooted out by love, peace and brotherhood. Such thoughts must begin with me!  The city represents the true meaning of home–heaven, a place of quietness, peace and good will.  As I think of Detroit, drive through it and place a home or business there, I realize that my pure thoughts contribute to the environment found there.  We are all one–one in Spirit and are connected to the One God.  This God knows no prejudice, hatred, greed, or selfishness.  He/She has only one relationship–divine love. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What good will that do?  Thoughts cannot control a bullet!”   Ah, but they can!  Every action is preceded by a thought–overt or convert before it expresses itself in action.  And . . . a silent thought filled with the goodness and grace of God reaches another thought and has the power to change its course before it grows into an evil action.

Have you ever believed that you were going to respond to something one way, and when the time came for you to do so, you responded oppositely?  You scratched your head and wondered why you did so?  Well . . . my friend, somebody ‘s prayer touched your soul–a somebody you may never meet humanly.  God’s power is not to be denied!  Try it.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everybody in it practiced divine thinking? All evil comes from Satan, the Devil.  These are just terms that define evil thinking.  We all have the capacity to change our thoughts . . . let’s begin right now . . . with ourselves!

Does Man Experience Eternal Punishment?

As a child and far into adulthood, I believed that if man sinned and was not “saved,” he would suffer in hell eternally.  There would be “everlasting punishment!”  I do not believe that anymore.  Understanding Truth, Life and Love, has changed thought and freed me from those horrible beliefs.  That’s all they were–beliefs based on mortal thinking–thinking that did not understand man’s relationship to God.  What does all of this mean?

God is the sole Creator!  Nothing or no one exists outside of his creation, and all that He made is good.  This thinking is derived from reading the first Chapter of Genesis, specifically this verse: “And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (1:31).   Reading and gaining an increased understanding of that entire chapter, gives one a different perspective on man’s relationship to God.   What is that perspective?

The man that God created is a spiritual idea, never having the capacity to sin, experience sickness or death.  He dwells eternally in the realm of Spirit where all is perfect, holy and pure.  The man introduced in the second chapter of Genesis is a false belief of the creation of man–a man made from the dust of the ground–later becoming flesh and blood.  This belief is mortal, having nothing to do with the immortal man presented in the first chapter.  No . . they are not the same man in spite of what many believe!  

Those who believe in flesh and blood or man made of dirt, are setting themselves up for suffering–suffering brought about by this sinful belief.  This belief says God brings sickness, allows sins and kills people.   If God is good, how could He perform such hideous acts?  The answer:  “He does not!”  Man suffers as long as he wallows in the dirt of false belief.   Sin renders punishment.  To escape suffering, mortal man must free himself from mortal beliefs and suffering ceases.   How does he do that?

Freedom from sin, means emptying one’s consciousness of all of the false beliefs stored there.  This is a process that may not be achieved before the human body passes away.  The human body is not one’s true body.  The true body is spiritual consciousness–the divine activity of thought.  Let’s return to the subject of this article”  Does man experience eternal punishment?

Answer:  No!  Man will experience suffering as long as he believes he is mortal, has a mortal mind and does mortal things.  It is these beliefs that cause his suffering.  When his physical body passes away, his consciousness still exists, and he must continue purifying his thinking in the hereafter to demonstrate the man God created–the one with a spiritual body.  That man was always there, the human mind simply was not aware of it.  It did not understand his true being–his divine nature.  It believed what mortal parents and human society brain-washed it into believing.

No, I am not crazy!  This is the message that Jesus brought to us.  Mankind has distorted that message with his ignorance of God and the man He created.

Here are some truths to ponder:

Everlasting punishment is a difficult term, what does it mean? It means one will be punished for his sins as long as he believes they exist. #sin #DrMamieSmith

Man’s true nature is unaffected by sin when it becomes unreal to him. To most of us, this if difficult to understand. #DrMamieSmith
When one ceases to believe in sin, that sin ceases to exist in his thought and he cannot suffer from it. #DrMamieSmith
Ridding thought of sin, enables you to escape the punishment sin brings. #DrMamieSmith