Personal Growth

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Three Ways to Develop Yourself

  • Empty your thoughts of all sense of negativity.
  • Fill your consciousness with ways you may help others.
  • Connect with higher levels of thought–a divine connection


You have developed a skill, talent, technique or ability to increase your personal development . . .  now, what do you do with it?

Market it!  What are the steps one goes through in order to do this?

Develop the Correct Mind-Set

Recognize that your skill or talent is only the starting place, it must be developed.  How do you do that?


Personal growth has many faces: financial, health, job satisfaction, spirituality and the list goes on.

The one you choose at any given time can usher you into new and exciting heights and challenges.  This page will highlight a variety of ways that growth occurs at a human level.  The first …health!

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Spiritual growth involves faith, hope, inspiration, and a desire to let go of human will.  It is a personal development.  Emerge gently into it, let only the desire to be governed by divine Law guide you.  Click here for more …


One site offers this explanation:

“Personal growth means you are in a process of looking at your life, how you are feeling, what is missing and what can be improved, and you are actively working on improvement through education, new knowledge, increased awareness and specific changes. You are looking at your belief system and making changes in it.  

You are changing your identity to one that more closely aligns with your natural core self, who you really are, what you are really good at and naturally talented in, and what you really want in life.  Click here for more… 


I had not heard of the term “un-mothered” until I read an article that drew a line between motherless and un-mothered.  The writer makes the distinction by saying those who are motherless have become so through death, accident, divorce or another human experience that moved them out of the care of a mother.  The un-mothered on the other hand, are those children who have a mother physically present, but are not cared for because of the mother’s addiction to drugs,  alcohol, or any circumstance that has caused her not to be able to function as a mother–giving love, care and responsibility.

I suppose to the child, it does not really matter–non-presence is non-presence.  The lack of love and care still impacts its life.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Think about it, and tell us below.  You may also be interested in reading the article:

Today, I read an article entitled “Everlasting Punishment.”

As I read this article my thought wondered what it meant in terms of the spiritual nature of man.  What does he do to receive such a reward?  How does he avoid it ?

I see the term “everlasting punishment” not as a mortal whose life on earth did not follow the footsteps of truth, goes to hell and burns eternally, but as a state of consciousness whether here on earth or hereafter, that causes one mental turmoil and human suffering because he has chosen to separate himself from God–from Truth, Life and Love. 

How does he avoid it?  By minute-by-minute, seeking to fill his thoughts with peace, harmony, joy, wisdom, understanding and a deep sense of the ever-presence of the Christ.

What are your thoughts?  Share them below.

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