Man’s unused talent is his inability to understand his God-given dominion over sin, sickness and death.




When we reach out with love to comfort others, the glory of God is revealed to us, and that same glory touches those we seek to console, and all of us see it together!  How do I know?  The voice of God told me!


The stillness of God allows one to be silent in the face of adversity, and calm in the midst of turmoil. 

Yosemite, CA

A man’s words and actions are generated from the depth of his heart –evil words come from evil thoughts! 

Love - Unstoppable

Knowledge held in a “sealed book,” has no value.



Unless an “unlearned person” opens his thought to knowledge, he remains ignorant.



When you seek answers with honesty and sincerity, God will never cease to hear you, and you will find yourself suddenly lifted to a place of peace and contentment.  Listening, hearing and doing, is the road to spiritual progress.  Having patience adds to the journey of success.


The unreality of life is the belief that Life, Truth and Love yields to sin, sickness and death.

That which is good is real, that which is evil, is unreal.

Only spiritual understanding enables us to grasp the realities of being. Without it, we wander in darkness and labor in destruction. 

Understanding is gained through studying the Word of God, praying daily and demonstrating the spiritual lessons we learn every step of the way … as Jesus did.



When the evils of this world try to fill our thoughts with lies and distrust, we must fight back with correction and truth.





The unreality of sin, sickness and death can only be proved by the understanding of Life, Truth and Love.  There is no other way.  


Holding in consciousness the belief that sin is real, establishes it in thought and re-enforces it in experience.




Spirituality is not about the religion you claim . . . it’s about the spiritual life you live.  “Faith without works” yield works without a solid foundation!





Spirit is another name for God.  Truth is also another name for God.  Without Spirit, you cannot be spiritual.  Without truth, you live in error . . . never reaching a level of consciousness that knows goodness, mercy and purity.



atonementLook not at the things which your eyes see, but at the things which your spiritual nature understands. #DrMamieSmith




The human body is like the grass during winter months, it dies and fades away, but the spiritual consciousness lives on.





When we find ourselves in the desert of human challenges and failures, cling to the Christ and find the pathway out of them.


Truth is a symbol of eternal power and dominion.


Three Sisters 

The legacy of our parents is not a house, land and money, but love, unity and harmonious relationships.

What Would Jesus Say If He Were Here Today?

Looking at man through the lenses of the five physical senses, blinds you to spiritual vision.



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