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LAUNCH BY DR. MAMIE SMITH- An American Story: MY Family & Yours


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Mamie Smith – Author of  An American Story: My Family & Yours 




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“What we say is what we think, what we think is what we believe, and what we believe, is who we are.” #DrMamieSmith


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I’m discovering what the new book “An American Story: My Family & Yours” is about!

An American Story: My Family & Yours connects and unites!

“What we say is what we think, what we think is what we believe, and what we believe, is who we are.” #DrMamieSmith



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David Watkins . . . Publisher & Author of Children Books

Detroit bred Author and Publisher David Watkins chats with Talk Show Host Dr. Image result for Images of Author David WatkinsMamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” at 5 pm on Sunday, May 21, 2017 @ about his passion for reading, the books he has written, and the stories he has published by other authors.   “Reading,” says David, “Allows one to travel to countries throughout the world,” and  I might add, without leaving the comfort of his favorite easy chair.

Traveling across the country, Watkins talks with children about the importance of reading, as well as delivering messages that aid them in making positive life choices through his books–books such as Benny and the Basketball Bully, Which Letter is Better? and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  

Benny and the Basketball Bully by [Watkins, David L.]


In Benny and the Basketball Bully, an “11-year-old boy learns the strength of his value when he is challenged by an older child.”  Bullying has reached “epidemic nature” across America, and all children need to understand the destructive impact it has on society.  Walk over to and grab a copy for your child!

What values are we teaching our children?  What positive role models stare at them from the TV screen?   Have honesty, integrity and “telling the truth”  become obsolete in the conscious of America?  Which Letter is Better? (The ABC Series Book 2) by [Watkins, David L.]

Tune-in to at 5 pm on May 21, 2017 and find some of these questions answered.


Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith