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Authors Who Have Appeared on the Show


Going Through MenoPause?  Hear How Dr. Theresa Dale Says These Imbalances Can Be Corrected!

Dr. Theresa Dale,

 Developer of the Only Proven Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation System, Talks with Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” About Her Book “Revitalize Your Hormones” on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 5:15 pm (EST) on Educational Arts Music& Talk Radio.

Dr. Dale is a renowned healer and educator in helping patients transform from illness to wellness, and is considered a pioneer in Natural Medicine.  She is the founder of California Colleges of Natural Medicine–a state approved California college, a motivational speaker, journalist, producer, and director of her own “Health Network” cable television series on ACTV cable.


Not only does Dr. Theresa Dale heal others through natural medicine, she has been successful in healing herself of a uterine tumor and radiation sickness.  You will learn the Dr Theresa Dalemeaning of homeopathy, how it differs from placebo medicine and why Dr. Dale advocates hormone rejuvenation instead of hormone replacement. 

She will outline her “7-Steps to a Happier, Healthier and Sexier you!”  Can you beat that? Grab a pencil and paper on Sunday, June 22nd, and get ready to take a few notes as she gives you her step-by-step approach to hormone correction! 


She says in her book“women bodies naturally know how to produce optimal amounts of hormones–they need only to be ‘re-educated’ at the physical level.”  You may want to “surf-on-over” to Amazon and get the book so you will be ready to see how this is done in her scientifically proven program.

To listen to the interview, call 218 632 – 9159, Code 969055 and hit the pound sign#.  Don’t forget to tell family and friends about the interview and supply the number for a call-in.  

Mark your calendar for June 22, 2014 to tune in to “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith @ 5:15 pm (EST), @ Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio and hear groundbreaking information on homeopathy, hormone health, radiation and maintaining health and . . . staying young!

A Dr. Dale Video

“Talk to the Author” Radio Host Dr. Mamie Smith, Discovers How Detective Jack Loshaw Finds “Godliness” on the Streets of Detroit


  How does one find ways to solve some of the most horrific crimes . . . by listening to God?

Do you talk to suspects about God, or do you talk to God first, and then … talk to them?  Can you trust the subtle messages that find their way into your thoughts, or do you go with what you know?  What do you do when your “gut” tells you to “Stop!” and the inner voice says, “Keep going!”

This man can tell you!

Jack Loshaw

His name  . . . Jack Loshaw . . . a retired Detroit detective . . . a man who waded through the riots of Detroit, faced some of the world’s hardened criminals and yet, maintained a balance between good and evil, right and wrong and love and hate.  How did he do it?

 Hear his story on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5pm on Sunday, June 15, 2014 @ Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio as he talks about his book:


You will learn how Jack ” felt a lot of conflict between being a Christian and a homicide detective, but (was) determined to bring about what fairness he could and to do his part to alleviate some of the burdens brought by despair.”  And, let me hasten to add “And he was good at it.” 

Diving into the book gave me pause, because I wondered if I would have the “stomach” for it.  You see, I’m one of those people who covers her face at the movies when a graphic scene is about to be presented. However, because of the grace with which Jack wrote the stories, I was able to read them with the same care and concern he gave them.  

If you are a Detroiter, you may share what one reviewer wrote:

This captured a time and place I was very familiar with. It is a good read with lots of personal insight and perspective. 

To listen to this interview, dial (218) 632 – 9159, once connected put in the Code 969055 and then hit the pound key (#). 

You will find this riveting book on  Trot “on over there” and get it.  When you finish reading it, you will begin to understand how “ministry” connects with “murders.”  

If your curiosity is aroused a tiny bit, join us on June 15th.  See ya!

Jack Loshaw

If you would like to contact Detective Loshaw and speak with him personally, please call (248) 867 – 5956 or email

Dr. Mamie Smith Interviews Author Cathy Zucker on “Talk to the Author.”


Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to Author Caterina Zucker About Her Novel

 Gray Beaujolais

Passion!          Love!         Excitement!          Discovery!

All of these words describe Cathy Zucker’s novel Gray Beaujolais.  She takes the reader on a zig-zag course of emotion, love of music and a desire to break away from past life choices. The title is “catchy” and tugs at the reader’s ability to connect it to the essence of the story.   Beaujolais is a French wine, but . . . what is gray wine?  How does it capture the message of the story?  That, dear reader . . . is what you will find out at 5:15 pm on Sunday, April 13, 2014 when Cathy Zucker chats with Dr. Smith on “Talk to the Author” on the Duane Parham Show, Kats Radio,  


Gray Beaujolais

Gray Beaujolais

Classical music lovers will discover some of their favorite names of operas and arias and life lovers will drink in the lessons every sincere seeker needs to learn as he makes his way through the twists and turns of life.   Zucker uses a sharp-minded, straight-forward character named Sarah to get much of her message across, but late-bloomer Charlotte, enchants with prose and wisdom as the novel increases in intensity and reaches a crescendo in love and inspiration. 

If you don’t get the “rhythm” of the novel now, let your fingers or mouse take you to the interview on April 13, 2014 and you will get it there . . . .

If you have friends that want to listen, tell them to: Copy this link and place it in the browser: 


Sing with us as we drink of “Gray Beaujolais 

Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to the Author” with Psychologist Ernie Vecchio About Your “Ego”


The Guy Who Has “Ground-Breaking Insights … About a New Wisdom on Human Suffering!”


When you read this, be careful that it does not make you wonder “Why would I want to become wise on suffering . . . of all things?”  My answer to that question is with anotherquestion “How are you defining “suffering” and “wisdom?”  Once you grasp definitions that you can truly identify with, your attitude could be “Let me hear what this guy is going to say!”

Vecchio begins the answer to that question with his book  Gifted Compassionate Therapy.  Hear him untangle the strings that place suffering in a negative stronghold, tell a meaning of compassion you may not have heard before, or rattle your thoughts to new levels of empathy and self-awareness!  Don’t “shoot yourself in the foot” before you listen!  Tune in to “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5:15 pm on Sunday, May 11, 2014 @ Kats Radio, on the Duane Parham Show.

The second book Preferential Approach to Health Care sets the tone and pathway that enables a practitioner to view various aspects of a person’s personality.  See how Vecchio does it!

PAS Cover

A third book for discussion is The Soul’s Intent–a book that “teaches … spiritual maturity is a personal struggle toward presence or living in the NOW.”  Hm-m-m, I wonder what that’s all about.  Let’s find out together!



Vecchio is passionate and compassionate–delving into the inner most core of the human mind, elevating, encouraging and motivating a deeper understanding of the difference between “suffering with” and “suffering for” oneself.  Therefore, he astonishes us with a novel entitled The Astonishing Dream of Job.


This book is a short novel, set in modern-day Israel, that’s driven by spiritual lessons and anchored in a reinterpretation of the biblical Book of Job. “

Ernie is a deep thinker, inspiring speaker and a wealth of information.  You gotta hear him!  Wanna sneak preview?


Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith as She Explores Conant Gardens: A Black Urban Community

Conant Gardens: A Black Urban Community


The Conant Gardeners

Join Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” as she takes a journey into the history of an African American community from1925 to 1950 through the eyes of people who lived, worked and built that community–residents of Conant Gardens.

At, on May 18, 2014 at 5:15 pm, hear Orlin Jones and Clyde Hopkins tell why they, with many others . . . wrote the book “Conant Gardens,” why they wanted to leave a legacy for other African Americans and why the community had to bear the name “Conant.” 

Book Review:

5.0 out of 5 starsA Historical Look at an African American Community in the Heart of Detroit, March 27, 2014
By Mamie 
This review is about: Conant Gardens: A Black Urban Community, 1925-1950 (Hardcover)
“Conant Gardens: A Black Urban Community”is an honest, straight-forward, historical book about a community with pride, scholarship and strong ethnic values. It serves as a model of what the average African-American family was, is today and will continue to be in the future. It says to the young black males and females, “If you want to discover your true identity, read your history. . . . In so doing, you can put off the false labels and

shackles that seek to define you today.” I say, “Look at your ancestry and embrace the mind-set, work ethnic and sound moral values, and you will win!”

Reading this book, filled my heart with gratitude, adoration and respect for a people who saw the American Dream, went after it and acquired it . . . in spite of slavery, segregation, racism and poor economic conditions.

 Some of the nation’s greatest African Americans grew out of Conant Gardens with legacies that are still influencing education, politics and ethnic creativity and responsibility.

If you have not read this book, get a copy . . . you will be happy you did!

Here’s what to tell your friends:

Go to a computer, put into their browser.    If for some reason you cannot get through, try 248 562 – 2802.  Talk to us!

Authors call in @ 5:15 pm . . .  .

Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to the Author” with Financial Advisor & Author Debra Metzger

When Debra Metzger became my financial advisor many “moons ago,” I never dreamed I would be interviewing her on my radio show “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on The Duane Parham Show, or any other show but . . . here we are!

 Debra is personable, engaging, financially astute, and looks for the best investment companies to place her clients. Her goal is to match investments and person, and . . . she’s good at it!  She has ranked #1 in sales many times with companies she has worked with, but instead of co-workers striving to emulate her, many men co-workers have labored to discredit, maim or dismantle her.  Today, she has her own company–Debra Metzger Financial, but working hard to erase the myth “It’s a man’s world” has not been easy.  So, Debra has decided to put her experiences in a book entitled “WE’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY…..BUT, THE MEN STILL WON’T LET US IN.

In very simple terms, she’s saying, “Ladies, we ain’t there yet!”

Unequivocally, she says: 

There seems to be this impression that woman’s rights have been won during the women’s liberation movement of the 60’s to the 80’s.    While in some cases this might be true, overall it is not.  I hope to speak out for all of the woman who have been treated badly by men and look into the reason, and the methods and try to understand how women can hopefully avoid such problems.  I also plan to include stories of other women’s experiences as well as my own.  If this book can enlighten people maybe someone will be helped by it.  That is my real passion to help others.  Many woman are so intimidated that they can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. This could make a difference. 

Ladies, you’ve got to tune-in March 30, 2014 at 5pm to 6pm to Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio and hear Debra’s financial tidbits and get the inside scoop on this book she is writing.  Here’s how you do it:

Go to a computer, put into their browser.  If for some reason you cannot reach us call 248 562 – 2802.  Talk to us!

I know you’ll be there!

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Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to the Author” with Attorney John J. Higgins About Somebody …Trying to Conquer Heaven?

In the Beginning . . . In Rebellion . . . In Exile . . . What do these words mean?  Well, if you’re thinking about conquering heaven . . . you’d better find out!  And find out you will as Dr. Mamie Smith talks with author and attorney John J. Higgins about his trilogy . . .  three books that take you on an emotional, soul-stirring, captivating journey of spiritual assessment, metaphysical evaluation, and . . . intangible questioning.  I have a good grasp of the Bible and am grounded in my faith and understanding, but John’s series not only makes you ask questions facetiously, but also seriously.  He handles words with style, emotionalism and suspense–creating wonderment, passion and love!  

The first book in the trilogy entitled The ArchAngel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven is called Cover imageIn the Beginning. Here, you get to meet the “guys and gals” John calls “archangels”– learn their assessment of the world, how God created it and sadly . . . how they think it should be–irrespective that God is “All-knowing, All-seeing and All-acting. ”  These guys think they have a better “take” on things!

Cover imageThen comes the second book called In Rebellion:  The attitude of the angels can easily be expressed in the adage “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!”  That’s all I can say about it . . . you need to run out and get a copy to see if you agree!

Now In Exile, last in the trilogy . . . which ” chronicles what happens in the Universe when the mightiest Angels live outside the Seven Heavens and without the presence of the Almighty,” the reader not only wrestles with what is happening to the archangels as they grapple with good and evil, but struggles with his own sense of what is “human and divine, right and wrong or good and evil.”  To say that John displays “a vivid imagination” in this series, pales in comparison to grasping and articulating a true description.   Hey, stop it!  No one is asking for another review, other readers have already done that! You’re just trying to get book-readers to tune in to “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith @ Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio on Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 5pm-6pm and hear Attorney Higgins tell listeners about it himself. 

If you have friends that want to listen, tell them to: Go to a computer, put Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio into their browser and get connected.

See you soon . . .  at the very BEGINNING!

Cover image

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Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to the Author” with Author, Screenplay Writer & Game Show Winner Karyn Beach

      Passionate!     Exciting!   Intelligent!     World Traveler!  

Not only do these words and the ones in the title define Karyn Beach, but I can throw a few more in the hat–speaker, coach and a “Get-It-Together-Girl” Expert!” 

She has written three books and each begins with “get it together girl.”  Karyn also has her own radio show which is called what else . . . “Get It Together Girl!” 

What does Ms. Beach consider getting it together?  

  • Organization                                       
  • Time Management
  • Staying Stress-Free
  • Goal-Setting  
  • Recognizing What Can Be Done in 15 Minutes

  Let me stop!  Karyn will do a much better job when she appears on the Duane Parham Show with Dr. Mamie Smith on “Talk to the Author” at 5pm to 6pm on Sunday, April 6, 2014.   She will discuss techniques, skills, successful methods and “wouldn’t you like to know, girl” tidbits that can make your life more harmonious. 

If you can’t wait until then, trot over to Amazon and get one of those “Get It Together Girl” books and be ahead of the rest of the crowd on April 6th.  

If you have friends that want to listen, tell them to: Go to a computer, put into their browser.

Wait until they are connected.

Karyn L. Beach
Get It Together Girl Media
Get Motivated. Get Going. Get It Together!

Go Girl!

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Dr. Mamie Smith “Talks to the Author” with Author Attorney Robert Shaines

Have you given much thought about how our nation keeps us safe from other nations?  I haven’t!  I “kind of “leave that up to the government–after all, I have enough problems dealing with safety on a day-to-day basis . . . but after I took a look at Robert Shaines’ book Secrets In A Time Of Peace, I began to think differently.

Secrets Cover

In his fictional, but believed to be somewhat factual book,Shaines stirs our imagination by letting us know that some of those nuclear weapons that the Russians should have destroyed . . . just may be still . . .  “hanging around.” 

Hear him talk about his experiences in the Soviet Union, why he wrote the book and what you can gain by reading it!


He says in his Press Release:  “The book is a riveting story of nations trying to keep nuclear weapons from the control of various terror groups and at the same time trying not to alarm the world’s population of the impending horror should they fail in their mission.”

You will want to hear this show– live on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on The Duane Parham Show, Sunday, March 23, 2014 @ from 5pm to 6pm. 

Here’s how to connect:

 Go to a computer, put into their browser.

See ya!

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“Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith and Guest Shirley Slaughter About Her Book:  “Our Lady of Victory”

Guest:  Shirley Slaughter – Author of a book entitled “Our Lady of Victory: The Saga of an African-American Catholic Community.”

  1. Shirley, tell us a little about yourself:  Where did you grow up?  Where did you attend school?  What was your place of employment?  Did any part of your earlier education cause you to desire writing?  When did you decide you wanted to write?  That takes us to your book.
  2. Why did you choose to write this kind of a book?
  3. If someone wanted to sum up the message of your book in one sentence, what would that be?  Finally, give us a short synopsis of the book.

Part II.

You have heard of Duane Parham’s documentary: “The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire,” in fact you supported it with a contribution.

  1. Did you see the documentary when it was shown at the Charles H. Wright Museum?
  2. Do you have any knowledge of it?  If so, share that with us by telling us what the term “unsung” means in regards to the movie?
  3. What do you know about Motown music?
  4. Tell us some of your favorite Motown recordings.
  5. What do you like about their singing, style or lyrics?
  6. If you had to choose a favorite artist, whom would you choose?  Why?
  7. Can you tell us anything about the horns played on that song?  Why or why not?
  8. Would you try to see the movie if it is shown again? 
  9. Do you see it as something others can learn from?  How?


Part III.

It’s been a delight having you on the show, in summary, what would you like to leave with the listeners regarding your book?

What’s next for you?  Will you write another book?

What would you like to see happen with a show like this that we did not include?

What is a subject you would like to see discussed?



Ron Sanders Shares His Book Concerned, but Not Consumed on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith

Ron Sanders was a sharp, confident, “good-looking detective” in Detroit about to go to to Hollywood and launch an acting career as a “street-wise cop,”  much like the “Beverly Hills Cop” played by Eddie Murphy and then  . . . something happened–something that changed his life forever.  What was it that impacted his life?  How did he deal with it?   

Join him on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on the Duane Parham Show Sunday, February 23, 2014, from 5pm to 6pm @Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio.

He is inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking! Don’t miss him!

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Dr. Mamie Smith Explores Topics with Transpersonal Psychologist Odell Johnson

“In our daily lives, change and transition is forever constant. In other words, we are always in the process of New Formation and Personal Growth while asking ourselves, “Who am I and what is my purpose if life?”  Odell Johnson

These words will form the core of the discussion with Ph.D. Candidate Odell Johnson on “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith.  As he pursues his Doctorate Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Johnson has had many opportunities to explore alternative My Cohortsmodes of thought, transformational spiritual principles and self-discovery.  We will hear him discuss what his life was like before he began tranforming his thought, why he did it and how his life has changedsince he did it!

He is a Namaste’ Reader, meditation and yoga teacher and an inspirational and upcoming, aspiring author of a book entitled The Journey Home.

Odell is also a teacher/director at a center in California that works with young men who have either been expelled from school, or are among the recently incarcerated in our prison system.  These young men come with many social and mental deficiencies: large gaps in academic knowledge, near-zero level social skills and a conglomerate of “toughness” to mask the pain they carry around.  Johnson will discuss behavioral principles, engaging discussions, and meditation–quiet time–a time that has produced marked changes in thoughts, attitudes and behavior that he uses in helping to improve the lives of these young people.  Listen to a few of the teachers and students.

He is a goal-setter–long and short-term, stating, “The key to successful achievement is proper planning with designated goals in the forefront.  Some of those goals are:

  • Develop an alternative curriculum used to teach substance abusers
  • Become an Advanced Ayurveda Master in lifestyle management
  • Become a member of a credible psychological organization
  • Begin planning and developing a strategy to establish a holistic drug treatment center
  • Continue to embody spiritual practices on a daily basis
  • Build a community oasis center that offers alternative medicine services to the underprivileged
  • Become an international speaker and trainer in mind body medicine and spirituality

Put on your mental “walking shoes” as you tune-in on Sunday at 5pm. May 4, 2014 to “Talk to the Author” with Dr. Mamie Smith on the Duane Parham Show @ and hear Odell share his thoughts, ideas and experiences.

For friends to call in: Dial 248 562 – 2802.  Talk to us! 

See you there!

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