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“Talk to the Author” Radio Show by Dr. Mamie Smith

BOOST Your Marketing & Visibility 

Having an Interview on Radio Can Be Beneficial to You as an Author! 

Join Dr. Mamie Smith Sundays from 5:00 pm (EST) to 6:00 pm @Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio and talk about you book on “Talk to the Author.”

You will:

  • Have access to over 30 countries.
  • Be Marketed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for 3 Days.
  • Have You and Your Book Researched with Appropriate Questions for the Interview.
  • Have Continued Marketing of Your Book Long After the Interview.
  • Have access to over 400 listeners.

This Show is sponsored by Educational Arts Society, Inc. which has as its goal to build, maintain and provide music, art and theater lessons to students who can and cannot afford them; include them in a mentoring program with world renowned, successful musicians and offer encouragement in establishing  and building artistic awareness of the arts.  Targeted students must exhibit a cultivated interest is acquiring those skills through confidence, consistency and commitment.  Objectives include:

  • To establish and provide a school of the performing arts.
  • To provide instruments, art supplies and other related accessories.
  • To provide support and encouragement so that students may advance, develop and acquire potential artistic skills at the highest level possible.

Important Facts:

  • Because Educational Arts Society is a non-profit organization and is currently using donations to funds its mission and programs, we ask for a donation of your choice.  However, no donation is required to appear on the show.  Authors are chosen based on genre and content of the book.  NO DONATION is TOO LARGE or TOO SMALL!
  • Locate the Educational Arts Society @
  • Dr. Mamie Smith is Committed to Getting Your Message Heard by Worldwide Listeners.
  • View Authors Who Have Appeared on the Show @
  • Contact Dr. Smith @ or call 248 828 – 4316 for more information.
  • The station does NOT podcast the interviews.

Our Business Values

  • We do what we promise.
  • We do it with quality.
  • We do it with respect.
  • We do it at a fair price.
  • We do it with integrity.
  • We do it with speed.
  • We do it with professionalism.
  • We are accountable for our actions.

What Authors Are Saying About “Talk to the Author!”

“When I was studying journalism, we were taught the five w’s and the h:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  Your interview asked a good many “why’s,” something that isn’t often asked any more.  You made me think more carefully and, as a result, your interview was very interesting and got a lot more information from me than others might. In addition, I felt very comfortable because of the supportive atmosphere you created.”  Hildred Corbett – Michigan

Hi Mamie,

“Thank you! I loved how you talked about the story and characters. It was obvious you read it thoughtfully. I really enjoyed our conversation and some of my friends and family did too!
I have a student who has written a book. I’m hoping to get a copy from her to show you soon. Maybe you can interview her as well.”
Cathy Zucker – Rochester Hills, Michigan  
Bless you Mamie!  What a wonderful piece you did on my books!  You saw exactly what I wanted the books to do, make people think about how glorious the Almighty’s creations are and His willingness to let His creatures venture out on their own.  I am very excited to be doing your radio show.  Is that webpage up and running so I can spread the news among my followers etc?  I don’t want to steal your thunder but help promote.   Attorney John Higgins – New Jersey

Questions That Many Authors Ask:

Am I paying to make an appearance on the “Talk to the Author” Show?

No, you are making a nominal donation to a worthy cause to market yourself and your book to a worldwide audience in an effort to get the message of your book heard.   

Is it normal for authors to pay to have their books marketed?

Yes, publishing companies, publicity organizations, radio and TV stations charge thousands of dollars in order to market an author’s book.  Marketing your book is the business aspect not the creative side, and unless you market it, very few people will learn about it. 

What are some costs that authors incur when they market themselves and their books?

Many writers of press releases (some with no journalism experience) charge $300-$800 just to WRITE a press release.  A mini-blog that researches you and your book can cost as much as $1000-$3000.  

Do most radio station hosts research a book and author, prepare questions to give to authors so that they will feel comfortable coming on their shows and write a mini-blog for each author?

No, “Talk to the Author” host Dr. Mamie Smith is very unique in how she approaches authors who appear on the show.  Our experience is that most radio hosts simply bring you on and ask questions “off the top of their heads.”  You do not get any preparation except what you do on your own. 

I am uncomfortable paying or donating anything to an online station to let me come on their show because giving a donation does not guarantee someone will purchase my book.   So, should I do it?

No.  Your comfort level is  key to the success of your interview.  If you do not want to pay anything to market your book, your attitude will affect how you respond to the interview.  Market it yourself  via social media, personal contacts and  family and friends.  Marketing is not easy to get a “handle on” because the  results come in many stages and at various times.  However,  it has been proven that without it, the chances of successful recognition are very limited. 

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