NEW BOOK: An American Family: My Family & Yours


Talk Show Host Dr. Mamie Smith has an upcoming new book entitled “An American Family:  My Family and Yours

Subtitle:  A Pathway to Freedom

This book traces her ancestry back to 1840 … because she is African-American, her research was not able to look at ancestral history prior to 1840.  In the coming months, as she prepares for picture insertions, printing, publishing and marketing … walk along with her for tidbits from the book . . . offer comments and suggestions.  Do you like the title?


Tidbit #1:  

This book emerged from a person’s desire to leave a legacy for future generations, and in so doing, enable them to define their identity, underscore their birthright and enlarge their posterity.

Tidbit #2:

As the book races through historical and biographical data, it beckons the reader to understand how the author and her family became part of the American Story, and how that story is not only their story, it is also his or her story—a story that cannot be re-written, but can be re-directed.


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