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Meta was a beautiful, precocious and curious little girl.

Growing up to be an intelligent and outgoing young woman, Meta graduated with honors and married the man of her dreams.  She had two children and became an entrepreneur, developing a successful business.  Life was wonderful and proud mom, Mamie, couldn’t have been more pleased for her daughter.

Life took a sudden and unexpected turn when Meta learned she had breast cancer.   Meta, with her mother’s help, began a search for the why of what happened.  The two women’s bond became even stronger as they discovered the teachings of Christian Science.   mamiesmithcover

Through their study and practice, they gained a greater understanding of the true meaning of life—the essence and spiritual part of a person—and how that part is what lives on forever.  As Mamie recounts, “I see her (Meta) as planted by divine mind, nurtured by spirit, and yielding the fruits of love.”

This is the story of a mother’s love.  It is a story of a beautiful, young woman whose physical life was cut short by disease.  It is a story of faith, survival, and a message of hope to anyone who has suffered from the loss of a loved one.   Smith’s amazing and beautiful tribute will touch your heart and soul.

About the Author

Mamie Smith is a writer, retired vocal music teacher, and businesswoman.  Dr. Smith is currently writing her second book and lives in Michigan.

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