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Thank you Dr. Smith.  Nikola was equally pleased with the interview.  His comment: (June 27, 2017)


Hey, Dear Helen,

Nikola DimitrovThe Interview went PERFECT, I loved it. Dr. Mamie was very kind. She mentioned she is from the Christian Science Denomination.

Anyway, since our mobile providers cut off every conversation at exactly one hour, we were cut off and I couldn’t establish the connection again (it had an access code which I used the first time, which was not valid the second time I tried to call, so could You please let her know that, or provide me with her Email, so I can write to her? Thanks.


Life of Jesus: The Four in One Gospel of Jesus by [Dimitrov, Nikola]



“When I was studying journalism, we were taught the five w’s and the h:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  Your interview asked a good many “why’s,” something that isn’t often asked any more.  You made me think more carefully and, as a result, your interview was very interesting and got a lot more information from me than others might. In addition, I felt very comfortable because of the supportive atmosphere you created.”Hildred Corbett – Michigan

Hi Mamie,

Thank you! I loved how you talked about the story and characters. It was obvious you read it thoughtfully. I really enjoyed our conversation and some of my friends and family did too!Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
I have a student who has written a book. I’m hoping to get a copy from her to show you soon. Maybe you can interview her as well.”
Cathy Zucker – Rochester Hills, Michigan
Cover imageCover image

Bless you Mamie!  What a wonderful piece you did on my books!  You saw exactly what I wanted the books to do, make people think about how glorious the Almighty’s creations are and His willingness to let His creatures venture out on their own.  I am very excited to be doing your radio show.  Is that webpage up and running so i can spread the news among my follower etc?  I don’t want to steal your thunder but help promote.   Attorney John Higgins – New Jersey
Hi Mamie,
Thank you so very much for your very kind words. I absolutely enjoyed our chat and sincerely hope the audience got something out of it. As you can probably tell I do this for far more important reasons than selling books. I love to help people realize that they can live empowered joyful happy lives.
I do hope we meet again in the future and find a way to work together. You are delightful, and if you ever need a guest again just give me a holler, we barely scratch the surface.


Dr. John McGrail

Author of, “The Synthesis Effect”
Changing Lanes:  From Hell to Heaven
I enjoyed the interview; you are very insightful.
With gratitude,
Hailey Rose Barrnett
Thanks Mamie for a great interview. It was a pleasure to be with you and I loved the questions you asked. I hope that your audience will find it useful.
Suzanne Strisower, M.A., PCC
Life Purpose Expert & Life and Career Coach
Author & Radio Show Host

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